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Course overview

The Essential Oils for Treating Skin Disorders course is specially designed to provide you with all the professional skills and industry knowledge you need to take your career to the next level. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of Essential Oils for Treating Skin Disorders and its key areas, covering the fundamentals and beyond.

This Essential Oils for Treating Skin Disorders course has been broken down into several user-friendly modules, taught by an experienced professional who will take you through each topic step-by-step. Not only will you gain an insight into the different roles in this field, but you will also develop both practical and theoretical understanding that can be applied in a real-life context.

This Essential Oils for Treating Skin Disorders training will give you the confidence and credentials to stand out to prospective employers in the relevant sector, climb up the career ladder and boost your earning potential in no.

Enroll today and invest in your bright future.
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Who is this course for?

This Essential Oils for Treating Skin Disorders course would be perfect for anyone looking to be a professional and get credentials. It is also great for practicing professionals who gained practical knowledge but lacks recognized credentials to vouch for their skill, and this Essential Oils for Treating Skin Disorders course will boost your career with the CPD Accredited certificate you will receive upon completion.
  • Those who want to get professional expertise in this field
  • Existing professionals looking for recognized certifications

Through our accredited courses, you can show your commitment to improving skills and professional development. The certifications we provide will improve your job prospects, and enhance your career outcomes. Upon successful completion of your course, you can claim a PDF certificate at the cost of £ or a printed hard copy at £ You can have both (PDF+ Hard copy) for just £ [FREE POSTAGE]

Learning outcomes
  • Explore a diverse range of aspects of this field after the successful completion of Essential Oils for Treating Skin Disorders
  • Get inside-out knowledge on this topic from the industry experts
  • Master all the relevant techniques to become an efficient professional
  • Acquire skills that will help you to become an expert in this field
Career path

Once you have completed this Essential Oils for Treating Skin Disorders Course, you will have a comprehensive understanding of the Essential Oils for Treating Skin Disorders.
  • You can freelance your skill as a professional.
  • With some experience under your belt, you will be able to kickstart your own business.

Course Curriculum
  • Lavender- The Most Versatile Oil Ever!
    • If I only had lavender oil, what can I do with it?
    • A quick word about whether to use lavender neat (undiluted) or not.
    • Treating bites and stings with lavender
    • Lots of great ways to use lavender in your daily life.
  • Essential Oils-How they are absorbed into our bloodstream
    • How does aromatherapy affect our minds and bodies?
    • What is the quickest base to get into your bloodstream?
    • How to increase your absorption rate even more
    • The garlic test
  • The various ways to extract essential oils
    • What you will learn in this section
    • The Steam and Water Distillation process
    • Cold Expression
    • Solvent Extraction
    • Carbon Dioxide(CO2) Extraction
    • Enfleurage
    • Summary
  • Essential Oil Safety
    • Using essential oils safely is paramount
    • Some Good News For People With High Blood Pressure
    • A word about using citrus oils and photosensitivity
    • Oils that must be avoided in pregnancy and nursing mothers.
    • What you should not do
  • The various way to apply aromatherapy
    • Introduction to the ways to apply your aromatherapy
    • A Word About Aromatherapy Baths
    • Warm and Cold Compresses
    • Roller Balls
    • Bath and body products
    • Small topical creams, oils, and lotions
    • Foot Baths
    • Steam Inhalation
    • Diffusers/inhalation
    • Full body massage
    • Room sprays
    • To summarize the best ways to apply aromatherapy for the various conditions
  • Helping stress and insomnia
    • What we are going to go through from now on
    • Let’s take a look at stress
    • A Handy List Of essential Oils For Emotional States
    • Using aromatherapy for stress and insomnia
    • What some studies say about helping anxiety and depression
    • Let’s use this knowledge in a practical situation
  • Treating Skin Disorders
    • Looking at treating certain skin conditions
    • A Handy List Of essential Oils For Skin Types
    • Treating Dermatitis/Eczema
    • Studies on using sandalwood for eczema and psoriasis
    • Treating Psoriasis
    • Treating hair loss and scalp issues
    • Treating Burns
    • Treating Athletes Foot ( Tinea Pedis)
    • Treating Scars
    • Some Studies Have Shown Effective Treatments With Wrinkles
    • Make your own anti-aging serum
    • Stretch Marks Oil
    • Homemade Hand Sanitizer that is recommended by WHO and CDC
    • Congratulations! You have completed the course.
Updated on 12 July, 2021

Eligibility / Requirements

There are no specific requirements for our ‘Essential Oils for Treating Skin Disorders' course. This Essential Oils for Treating Skin Disorders course is compatible and accessible from any device including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Tablets etc. It is possible to start learning from anywhere at any time without any limitations.

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