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Emotional intelligence is an attribute that allows you to build stronger relationships and understanding with people. Usually, four characteristics define emotional intelligence. They are Self-management, Self-awareness, Social Awareness, and Relationship Management. By having all these four attributes, one can easily understand the emotions of other persons around them, and thus they would be more efficient in establishing effective relationships.
Using suitable emotional intelligence, you would be able to create rapport in both your personal and professional life. Many people naturally have emotional intelligence, while others need to take a systematic approach to make things done. Being an emotionally intelligent person allows you to empathize with others, remain optimistic, face adversity with intelligence, and have amazing persuasive skills. In a nutshell, emotional intelligence is a great skill to have in order to flourish in all aspects of your life.

Highlights of Emotional Intelligence
  • Understanding of what is emotional intelligence and the main principles of emotional intelligence
  • Understand the importance of emotional intelligence and its role in maintaining integrity in your personal life and workplace
  • Know the benefits of emotional intelligence
  • Learn about yourself; your strengths, weakness, lackings, etc. that you need to emphasize on
  • Learn to apply the cycle of anger
  • Understand the process of stress and anxiety management
  • Use the techniques required to establish rapport and empathy with others in all aspects
  • Learn the methods of developing effective communication with your target audience
  • Understand the emotions of yourself and other people deeply
  • Lastly, engage yourself in effective relationships and connections with people around you
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Building strong emotional intelligence takes an adequate understanding of the four basics. One needs to take a systematic approach and training to build up and sharpen their emotional intelligence quotient.

Our Emotional Intelligence Course is designed to offer the students a proper knowledge on building more reliable connections with people around them. By a proper understanding of the basics, we gradually take our course material to an advanced level. By making you understand the techniques to be empathetic and optimistic, by following our modules, you eventually learn to establish yourself as a reliable person in your respective field.

We have divided Emotional Intelligence Course into Seven user-friendly modules

Module 01: History of Emotional Intelligence
Module 02: Emotional Intelligence Defined
Module 03: EI Blueprint
Module 04: Optimism
Module 05: Validating Emotions in Others
Module 06: Understanding Emotions
Module 07: Setting Your Personal Vision


Upon completion of the course, Skill Express will send you an E-Certificate for the course which comes with relevant awarding bodies attestation. Once we send you the certificate, you can print it out and will have lifetime usage permission. But you can always order for a hard copy certificate where charges will apply.


Once you have successfully completed the course, you will have to pass an automated assessment consisting of multiple-choice/assignments. You will get instant results once you are done with this assessment. You don’t have to worry about getting failed on the assessment. You will be given an unlimited number of chances to pass yourself with the assessment. And there are no extra fees involved in retakes.

Who is this course for?

Anyone who is willing to establish strong relationships to flourish in their personal and work life is welcome to take this course.


Emotional Intelligence Course Designed By Qualified Professionals.
There are no academic entry requirements for this Sales Training: Building Relationships course, and it is open to students of all academic backgrounds. Updated on 16 February, 2021

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