National Design Academy (NDA) Interior Design Professional Diploma (Online Fast-track) National Design Academy (NDA)
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  • Duration / Course length: 10 Weeks
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    Course details

    The Diploma in Professional Interior Design (Online fast-track) provides a fantastic introduction to interior design with no previous qualifications necessary. This course is a fast-track study option, with live online lessons.

    This interior design course is delivered fully online, with no requirement for in-studio classes, and can be completed in 10 weeks. The course is fully accredited by the British government and recognised all over the world.

    Who is this course for?
    This course is ideal for anyone who is passionate about interior design, and looking to improve their design skills and achieve a professional interior design qualification. There are no previous qualifications required to ; 

    This course is suitable for students that are looking to start their own business, change career, or simply enhance their creativity.

    The course is equivalent to a British A-level. Students who successfully complete the Diploma course can then move on to a guaranteed place on our Bachelor of Arts Interior Design degree programme.

    Where is this course?
    The course can be studied from any country in the world since it is offered fully online. We are the only online university in the world that can take you from having no qualifications in interior design all the way through to obtaining your Master's Degree.

    Course time
    This course is designed to be studied part-time in a flexible manner around work or family commitments. The course runs for 10 weeks, with live online lessons (2 ½ hours long) twice a week at a set time. The course format is a great way to combine the flexibility of online study with lots of interaction online with the tutor and other students. The set schedule also helps keep students on track and to complete the diploma course in 10 ;

    What will I learn?
    The course covers 10 units: 
    • Interior Design in Context
    • Design Inspiration & the Designer's Role
    • Colour for Interior Design
    • Drawing Plans & Elevations
    • Space Planning
    • Wall & Floor Finishes
    • Soft furnishings
    • Furniture Styles & Accessories
    • Creative Lighting
    • Professional Practice

    How will I benefit from taking this course?
    On completion of this course students will be able to:
    • Start their own Interior Design business 
    • Start a career in an Interior Design practice
    • Progress to the Bachelor of Arts degrees in Interior Design, Retail Design or Outdoor Living.
    • Complete a home Interior Design project as a hobby
    How will I be assessed?
    No exams! Your personal tutor will assess your assignments.
    The course is delivered through online study that is accessed through our online learning platform - 'Virtual Learning Studio'. This allows students to access all course materials, contact tutors and share ideas with other students through our online student community. In addiiton, live online lessons are run through the Zoom platform twice a ;

    Entry requirements
    There are no specific academic requirements, just a keen interest and passion in Interior Design
    Students are required to have a good level and understanding of written English.

    We take accreditation very seriously. Our diploma courses are accredited by Aim Awards and recognised by the UK government and throughout the world, including the UAE and MENA region (equivalent to a British A-level).

    Our KHDA permit number is 62117 and we are licensed under The Progression Agency in Dubai Knowledge Park. It is important to check before doing any course if the education provider has a KHDA permit number.

    Testimonial of a former student:
    "I'd definitely recommend the National Design Academy to other students. It allows so much flexibility to work and study at the same time. And I think that they're the only college in the UK that actually offer the distance learning degree for interior design subjects as well retail, heritage and garden design. So I'd definitely recommend it to anyone who's thinking about qualifying and wanting to study interior design; - Victoria Hedley.
      Updated on 23 May, 2021

    Eligibility / Requirements

    There are no prerequisites for our Diploma. Just a positive attitude and a passion for design!

    About National Design Academy (NDA)

    Celebrating 30 Years in education, The National Design Academy is the UK’s leading provider of fully accredited design courses from Diploma level to Bachelor of Arts Degrees as well as a Master of Arts Degree. All programmes are delivered online through NDA’s own Virtual Learning Studio (VLS) and are accredited by the British Government.
    NDA delivers British education and training for the design industry and specialises in creating flexible, part-time programmes. There are no term times or semesters so students can choose their own start date and work at their own pace to fit around everyday work or family commitments.
    Degrees are awarded by De Montfort University and the Diploma level courses are accredited by AIM Awards, making all qualifications gained at the NDA nationally and internationally recognised. The National Design Academy is passionate about encouraging and supporting all students to help them to achieve their goals in the exciting and lucrative world of design.
    NDA offers the UK’s only online Master of Arts Degree in Interior Design and trains more interior design graduates than any other UK university. All enrolments can be completed online although the NDA admissions office, in the Knowledge Village, Dubai, also offers support to all students with the admissions procedure, course information and fees.
    Our KHDA permit number is 62117. Please check before you do any course that the course provider has a KHDA permit number. See all National Design Academy (NDA) courses

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