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    Vibe Education is a Dubai government-accredited learning center offering digital marketing certifications courses for all who aspire to learn and make a career in digital ;

    Digital Marketing Course
    Digital marketing tools and techniques are constantly evolving. There are a huge amount of job openings for digital marketing skills but not enough qualified people to fill them!   Digital Marketing Course offered by Vibe Education includes Digital Marketing Foundations, optimize your website, and leverage SEO, paid advertising, and social media to help your target audience find you. Plus, learn how to develop an email marketing plan, get started with video marketing, and create easy-to-understand marketing reports that help you assess your progress.
    • Through the Program blended with a social media marketing course get a solid foundation in all aspects of digital marketing.
    • Develop Email marketing skills and ensure your email messages are one of the few that actually get opened
    • Learn smart measurement strategies and best practices; familiarize yourself with the landscape of measurement tools that you'll encounter.
    • Create content your company can educate potential buyers, position your company as a thought leader, and build credibility for your business.
    • Fundamentals for search engine optimization so that your business gets the bigger share of traffic for searches relevant to your business.
    • Learn how Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and other social channels can be used to effectively share your company's message and build your Business.
    • Target buyers based on the unique data that they share in their public profiles.
    • Optimize conversion and get more customers, sales, or revenue from your existing audience.
    Introduction to Digital Marketing
    What is digital marketing?
    Common industries in which to find digital marketing jobs
    Common early/entry-level digital marketing job roles
    Marketing Fundamentals
    Introduction to the Digital Marketing Course
    Introduction to the customer acquisition funnel
    Acquisition vs. Retention marketing
    Campaigns vs. channels
    Buyer personas
    Value proposition design
    Measurement and Metrics
    Content Marketing
    Tying content to the customer acquisition funnel
    Content types
    Quality vs. quantity
    Content marketing metrics
    Content marketing technology
    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    Google's intentions are good
    Selecting keywords
    Link building
    Technical/on-page SEO
    Off-page SEO
    Local SEO
    SEO technology
    Social Media Marketing (SMM)
    Social media channels as distribution channels
    Popular social media platforms
    Identifying your goal for each social channel
    Social media metrics
    Social media management technology
    Social media Ads
    Search Engine Marketing - Paid Search (SEM)
    Google Adwords
    Keyword research and keyword match types
    Campaign setup and naming conventions
    CPC bidding and optimization
    Paid search metrics
    Paid Social Media
    Paid social advertising platforms (landscape)
    Audience definition and targeting options
    Supported ad types
    Paid social metrics
    Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
    User experience and design improvements
    A/B and multivariate testing
    CRO metrics
    CRO technology          
    Email Marketing
    Email broadcasts
    Drip email campaigns
    Writing compelling email copy and subject lines that increase open rates
    Email marketing metrics
    Email marketing technology
    Other Digital Channels
    Online reputation management
    Affiliate marketing
    Referral marketing
    Influencer marketing
    Display ads
    Anyone who has a passion to learn can join us to learn the art of Digital Marketing

      Updated on 01 September, 2021

    Eligibility / Requirements

    Anyone who has a passion to learn can join us to learn the art of Digital Marketing

    About Vibe Education

    Vibe Education is a Dubai government accredited learning center offering a wide variety of learning experiences from management certifications, accounting, IT, Quality control, and language certifications courses for all who aspire to learn and improve their life. Also, we serve the student community from schools and universities for exam preparations, education support, and academic project submissions.  
    With Vibe, you will get  

    • Guaranteed quality learning from experienced and certified trainers. 
    • Customize the course to best fit your needs, if you have a scheduled exam next week, please feel to reach us.   
    • Flexible timing – We value your priorities 
    • You will be guided and supported till you reach your intended goal whether it is an academic success or career upgrade or adding a new skill to your profile, we will walk with you till you reach your dream 



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