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Child Psychology Level 1
Endorsed Certificate of Achievement Child psychology is a fascinating professional discipline, which can open the doors to a wide variety of extraordinary career options. Anyone with an interest in working in any aspect of childcare could benefit enormously from a more advanced understanding of Child Psychology. The deeper your understanding of a child’s mind, the better-equipped you become to provide effective encouragement and support for children of all ages. For anyone looking to explore this inspiring and engaging subject for the first time, this exclusive Child Psychology Level 1 Award comes highly-recommended!
The Child psychology introductory units teach learners about the basics of child developments and evolutionary theory before they are introduced to attachment and various styles of parenting. Highlights of the Child Psychology course include; introduction to child psychology, formation of attachments, consequences of breakdowns in attachments, influences on development, social and emotional development, personality development, language development and moral Child Psychology Level 1 begins with a broad introduction to child psychology.
Child Psychology Level 1

Study the basics of Child Psychology with this endorsed, gradually building the skills and knowledge required to build a career in a childcare environment. Explore the early psychological development of children, learning how various factors and exposures can have a powerful impact on the rest of their life. Study in your own time and at your own pace, with no deadlines or time restrictions to worry about. Take that first important step towards the career you know you’re capable of right now!
Child Psychology - Learning Outcomes
On completion of Child Psychology Level 1, the learner will be able to;
Understand What is child psychology
Explain the differences between child growth and development
Investigate Bowlby’s Attachment Theory
Discuss Harlow’s Studies of Monkeys and Attachments,
Investigate Spitz’ Studies of Children in Institutions and a series of internal working models.
Explore effects and consequences of attachment breakdowns.
Discuss how and why a variety of influences and pressures can affect a child’s developmental progress.
Explore a series of external factors that influence the social and emotional development of children
Discuss a variety of environmental factors that can influence character and personality development.
Discuss a variety of common communication and learning difficulties, along with their respective causes, effects and potential remedies.
Investigate the key moral growth stages of children, how moral reasoning develops from pre-school to adulthood
Child Psychology - Course Syllabus
This Child Psychology Level 1 consists of the following units:
Introduction to Child Psychology
The Formation of Attachments
Consequences of Attachment Breakdowns Updated on 23 July, 2019

Eligibility / Requirements

Child Psychology Level 1
There is no particular entry requirement for Child Psychology Level 1. We do not ask for any previous qualification or experience.
Endorsed Certificate of Achievement

At the end of the course, learner can claim an endorsed certificate by paying £45 accreditation are £9 postal charges for the UK students and £15 for the non UK students.
Certificate of Completion from BOLC
Certificate of Completion from BOLC (soft copy) can be claimed for £10. If you need hard copy of this certificate you will pay £25 + postal charges (£9 for UK students, £15 for outside UK)

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