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  • Accredited by: IAO
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Course details

Course Code: AV12

About the Course
: The weight of an aircraft and its balance are extremely important for operating an aircraft in a safe and efficient manner. Improper loading cuts down the efficiency of an aircraft and it may even be the cause of failure to complete the flight, or even, failure to start the flight. Therefore it is essential that every aircraft be loaded as per the guidelines set by the manufacturer so that it remains balanced throughout the flight under various ; The objective of this course is to make the students aware of various vital factors in balancing the aircraft, loading considerations and Calculations. The course also considers the inter-relationship between aircraft loading and other related subjects such as aircraft performance and flight planning and the very important airmanship aspects of proper aircraft loading. In general terms, the ways in which the Centre of gravity of both un-laden and laden aircraft can be determined and checked as being within safe limits will be discussed.

Learning Outcome:

After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Understand the basic principles of flight related to aircraft weight and balance
  • Become familiar with terms used in aircraft loading
  • Understand and identify the various weights used in the compilation of a load-sheet
  • Know about maintaining the logbook of an aircraft with various inserts to compute the center of gravity of an aircraft
  • Understand how aircraft balance is achieved
  • Know how aircraft weight is determined
  • Know about drop line trim charts and their functions
  • Become familiar with Load & Trim Sheets for every flight
  • Take the first step to become an Authorized Load Master for flights
Updated on 17 July, 2023

Eligibility / Requirements

Minimum Higher Secondary Education with Physics & Maths

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