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  • Accredited in: UK
  • Accredited by: ABC Awards
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Admin, Secretarial & PA - Level 7 Diploma

Certificate of achievement in Admin, Secretarial & PA Level 7. Additional CPD Accredited Certificate with 200 CPD points available with no extra study. Tutor Support, Study Materials & Assessments included.

Certificate of achievement in Admin, Secretarial & PA Level 7.
The field of Admin, Secretarial & PA - Level 7 Diploma services wide open for confident candidates with outgoing personalities and relentless attention to detail. The professional PA is the ultimate multitasker, hired to oversee the personal affairs and activities of those they support. Some secretaries and PAs handle everyday admin for established organisations, while others are hired by a single executive, entrepreneur or influential figure. Whichever path you choose, to become a trusted and respected PA or Secretary is to open the door to a world of incredible career opportunities. Success as a PA or secretary is as much about personal qualities and character as it is hard skills. If you consider yourself to be a responsible, hardworking people-person with excellent time management skills, you're already halfway there. It's simply a case of getting to know the functions of PAs and secretarial workers, in order to ready yourself for a fascinating career in the field.

Our most advanced course to date, this Level 7 Admin, Secretarial & PA Diploma could hold the key to your dream job. Transform your ambition and enthusiasm into a rewarding career for life, studying from home at a pace and time to suit your schedule. Learn how to handle an extensive range of essential office admin duties, compose important business letters and handle complex mail and shipping requirements. Course content also covers making travel arrangements on behalf of others, organizing meetings and events, the importance of time management as a PA and how to become a better communicator. Enjoy expert tutor support throughout the course, as you work your way towards an endorsed Level 7 Admin, Secretarial & PA.

Learning Objectives
Reliability, professionalism and commitment of the three cornerstones of successful secretarial and Admin, secretarial & PA careers. Whether providing administrative services for a large team or supporting a single executive, the responsibilities shouldered by PAs and secretaries are significant and varied. The objective of this course is to prime candidates with the hard skills, industry insights and confidence needed to take this dynamic profession by storm. Entry-level positions in administrative settings quickly pave the way for promotion to a much higher level. If you're a motivated, enthusiastic and ambitious individual, this exclusive Level 7 Admin, Secretarial & PA Diploma could take you the rest of the way.

Ideal for newcomers and existing secretarial workers alike, this endorsed distance-learning programme could open the door to the career of your dreams. Along with all required study aids and learning resources, every candidate benefits from expert tutor support from start to finish. No deadlines or time-restrictions are imposed, so you're free to study in your own time from any location worldwide.

Course Outline
Our most advanced Admin, Secretarial & PA Diploma explores the functions and objectives of key administrative personnel at the highest level. Each of the 20 course modules concludes with an online assessment, which your assigned tutor will mark and return with helpful feedback. Topics covered in this advanced diploma include the following:

Unit 1 The Job Functions of a PA / Secretary
Key topics:
  • Role and Responsibilities of a PA / Secretary
  • Daily Routine
  • Office Supplies
Unit 2 Telephone Skills
Key topics:
  • Telephone Usage
  • Telephone Manners
Unit 3 Mail Services and Shipping
Key topics:
  • Alternatives to Royal Mail
  • Other Shipping Services
Unit 4 Travel Arrangements
Key topics:
  • Transportation Reservations
  • Finding a Reputable Agent
Unit 5 Organising Meetings
Key topics:
  • Anatomy of a Meeting
  • Types of Corporate Meetings
Unit 6 Time Management
Key topics:
  • Maintaining an Activity List
  • Creating Action Plans
Unit 7 Keeping Accurate Records
Key topics: 
  • Individual or Personal Names
  • File Cabinets
  • Organizing Your Computer Files
Unit 8 Writing Business Letters
Key topics:
  • Business Documents
  • Beginning the Letter
  • Closing the Letter
Unit 9 Other Written Communication
Key topics:
  • Reports
  • Memorandum Report
  • Report Templates
Unit 10 Presentation Skills
Key topics:
  • Good Preparation
  • Visual Aids
Unit 11 Communication Skills
Key topics:
  • Nonverbal Communications
  • Customer Service
Unit 12 Active Listening
Key topics:
  • The Basics of Active Listening
  • Understanding the Communication Process
Unit 13 Administrative Skills
  • Importance of Business Environment
  • Types of Business Environment
Unit 14 Office Management & Supervision
Key topics:
  • The Role of the Office Manager
  • Building Trust with Your Team
Unit 15 Budgets and Managing Money
Key topics:
  • Monitoring and Managing Budgets
  • Decision Making
Unit 16 Dealing With Difficult People Conflict Resolution
Key topics:
  • Different Stages of Conflict
  • Conflict Management
Unit 17 Business Ethics for the Office
Key topics:
  • Introduction to Business Ethics
  • Philosophical Approaches to Ethics

Unit 18 Business Etiquette
Key topics:
  • Introduction to Business Etiquette
  • Proper ways for Business Dining
Unit 19 Effective Planning and Scheduling
Key topics:
  • Introduction to Work Breakdown Structure
  • Effective Project Planning
Unit 20 Microsoft Office 2016
Key topics:
  • Word Documents
  • MS Excel
  • MS Powerpoint
Updated on 05 October, 2020

Eligibility / Requirements

Admin, Secretarial & PA

No particular entry requirement.

OPTION-I: Endorsed Certificate of Achievement from ABC Awards
At the end of the course, learner can claim an endorsed certificate by paying £170 accreditation fee+postal charges.

Certificate of course Completion

(soft copy) can be claimed for £15. If you need hard copy of this certificate you will pay £25

OPTION-II: CPD Certificate
Upon successful completion of the course, a fee is payable for a

  • PD Accredited Diploma in PDF format or hard copy.
  • CPD Accredited Diploma (PDF format)=£30
  • CPD Accredited Diploma (Hardcopy)=£150
Postage Charges:
  • National £9
  • International £15

About Oxford Home Study College

Oxford Home Study Centre is the UK’s leading provider of affordable, accessible distance learning programs for students worldwide. We owe our international reputation to our founding principles of transparency, commitment to quality and unrivalled value for money.

Our course catalogue currently includes more than 100 fully-accredited online courses, covering the widest variety of subjects and specialisms. We are proud of our achievements in setting the high standard for distance learning .The quality of our courses and the support we offer to our students has resulted in tremendous success to the OHSC. We believe that the success of our college is underpinned by the success of our students. The students at OHSC get exceptional support from qualified and experienced tutors.

One of the main reasons for OHSC success is its uniquely individual, friendly and supportive service. We believe in quality; from our course materials to our tutor support and from our customer service to administration sector, students find fully committed team of professionals to deal with. We respond to 90% of emails with 24 hours. Learning Materials and Assessments are of high quality and are provided in easily accessible formats which can be viewed online or printed.

A certificate of completion (soft copy) can be claimed for  £10. If you need a hard copy of this certificate you will pay  £25 + postal charges ( £9 for UK students,  £15 for outside UK)

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