Learn It Online ACCA P5 - Advanced Performance Management (APM) with Tutor Assistance Learn It Online
  • Duration / Course length: 68 Hours Start now
  • Accredited in: USA
  • Accredited by: ACCA Online
  • Certificates:
  • Course delivery: This course is delivered in video format

Course trainer

  • Liliya Kirylenka

    Worked for EY as audit senior, financial due diligence senior and also for financial advisory team.

    Received ACCA membership in 2016,  passed all the exams with the first try, has the best P2 (now SBR) and P3 (now part of SB...

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Course details

Your APM course includes:

  • 365-day access to video lectures on full syllabus
  • Access to videos with tutor showing how to attempt most important examples from past papers
  • Live webinars, 8 academic hours
  • Very handy pdf-files to work with video lectures
  • Study plan with the list of most useful past papers questions to master
  • Comments to your homework explaining how to improve the answer
  • Whatsapp/FB messenger support group where you can ask the tutor questions
  • Mock exam at ACCA CBE Practice Platform and individual feed back
  • Audiopodcasts
Pass-rates for Advanced Performance Management (former P5) have always been depressing with no more than 33% successful attempts. However this is a great exam. First, it's not numerical, so you don't have to work with deviations, logarithms, etc. Second, it's one of the most relevant exams for your future career. Regardless wether you want to pursue your career in audit, financial management or reporting - you always need to know how to manage performance.

This course is prepared by Lilia Kirilenko. Not only is she a successful student who was the best in her country for several exams and didn't have any retakes, also she has a relevant working experience as a CFO of a large company. This means that you will love this course because she will tell you how some models are actually used in practice.

However the best benefit you can get compared to the majority of other courses is that your homework will be thoroughly commented and this would help you to see what you are doing wrong from the very beginning. Our experience says that students tend to get only 6-10 marks out of 25-mark exam question when they send their first homework. As they incorporate the comments given by the tutor to their past homeworks, the students get at least 75% of marks at their final homework.

The problem with this exam is that many students don't answer the question set and don't even realize that when they check themselves against model answer. This is why having a tutor to comment your work is essential to pass the exam.

Our course is self-sufficient, you don't need to buy any books. We try to make you spend as little time as possible therefore our course gives you the best tuition plan to pass exam with minimum effort.

Updated on 01 October, 2020

Eligibility / Requirements

For awarding ACCA Qualification:

  • Pass 13 out of 15 exam
  • Complete Ethical module
  • Confirm practical expirience requirments of 36 months

About Learn It Online

Learn It Online is an ACCA exam preparation course program, which includes prerecorded lectures and workshops, learning materials and 24/7 tutor support in online format. We are ACCA Aproved Learning Partner with GOLD status.

We focus upon ACCA Qualification and proud of delivering high quality service. Our key identity from others is focus on tutor cooperation: we do not just sell prerecordered videos, we provide highquality learning service, almost individaul (due to little groups, usually less than 5 students) work with tutor.

Since 2015 we have offered online courses for Russian speaking students and we proud the achievement of our students pass rate. Now we are launch our courses purely in English but adapted for foreign students.

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