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  • Duration / Course length: 70 Hours Start now
  • Accredited in: USA
  • Accredited by: ACCA Online
  • Certificates:
  • Course delivery: This course is delivered in video format

Course trainer

  • Ruslan Golovanov

    Total finance expirience since 2005
    Key experience in the telecom, healthcare and real estate sectors
    Since 2014 - Lecturer at ACCA exam preparation courses for papers F3, F9 and P4 in various training centers and universities. Now tutor ...

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Course details

80% of our AFM students pass the exam (based on September 2020 session ACCA analytical report) 

Welcome new AFM online course! We have prepared it based on our experience and exhaustive up-to-date syllabus changes. Our tutors, ACCA members, put all their professional expertise and tutor experience to provide you with the course of an appropriate quality which enables effective ACCA exam preparation. AFM course was prepared under the supervision of Ruslan Golovanov, FCCA, with AFM tuition experience since 2014.
AFM ACCA course includes:
  • Video lectures with theory and analysis of typical problems, 70 academic hours, 1-year access
  • Lectures notes including all theory needed (in pdf slides)
  • Revision Kit (in pdf)
  • Home task and tests
  • Audio podcasts
  • Tutor support 24/7 through group chat
  • Mock exam at ACCA CBE Practice Platform
  • Marking mock and individual feedback
  • Final 1 or 2 live webinars with a tutor, with a total duration of 8 academic hours.
Usually, students are comfortable allocating 20 hours per week for 2 months period. Comfortable learn both laptop and smartphone.

Content and Duration of the Prerecorded course:

1 Introduction (5:45)
2 Exam techniques (2:34)
3 Professional marks (7:24)

4 The role and responsibility of the senior financial adviser (9:14)
5 Conflict shareholders interests (7:55)
6 Capital investment monitoring systems and conditional probability (7:50)
7 Practice: Apply Capital monitoring system and conditional probability at Hathaway case
8 Behavioral Finance (8:13)
9 Environment issues (4:46)
10 Theory and practice of free trade (13:18)
11 Competitive advantage of multinationals (7:44)
12 International monetary institutions (15:36)
13 Development of World Finance Market (20:50)
14 Strategic business and financial planning for multinationals (13:22)
15 Securitisation and Tranching (18:30)

16 Discounted Cash flow approach part 1 (18:33)
17 Discounted Cash flow approach part 2 (2:53)
18 Risk and uncertainty: tools for analysis (14:32)
19 Risk and uncertainty: Duration and Monte Carlo simulation (9:18)
20 Value at Risk (VAR) (7:03)
21 Internal Rate of Return (IRR) vs Modified Internal Rate of Return (MIRR) (6:46)
22 Practice: CD Example (36:07)
23 Practice: TISA Example part a (13:03)+(15:46)+(10:36)
26 TISA Test
27 Option theory introduction (14:07)
28 Option theory market examples (10:36)
29 Black-Sholes Option Pricing model (BSOP) and Real Options
30 Greeks: Introduction
31 Link option theory with Greeks (11:02)
32 Greeks: how to approach the question (4:20)
33 Greeks: additional videos from CME youtube channel
34 Greeks: Test
35 Financial source (11:48)
36 Islamic Finance (8:43)
37 CAPM (8:57)
38 Duration and Modified Duration (9:39)
39 Credit Risk (6:48)
40 Kaplan-Urwitz approach (3:47)
41 Cost of Capital (WACC and M&M) (4:06)
42 Cost of Capital: Test
43 Adjusted Present Value (APV) (7:31)

44 Function and Role of Treasury Management (8:09)
45 FOREX Risk hedging techniques part 1 (8:07)
46 FOREX Risk hedging techniques part 2 Example (6:47)
47 FOREX Risk hedging techniques part 3 (9:42)
48 Managing Currency Risks with Options: Additional reading
49 Interest Rate Risk Management part 1 (10:53)
50 Interest Rate Risk part 2 Example (12:24)
51 Interest Rate Risk part 3 Option Collar (3:21)
52 Interest rate swaps and other (17:18)
53 Practice: Buryecs Example part 1 (24:00)
54 Practice: Buryecs Example part 2 (35:54)

55 Mergers and Acquisitions. Synergy (9:46)
56 Mergers and Acquisitions. Valuation Techniques (5:35)
57 Practice: Makonis Example part 1 (17:17)
58 Practice: Makonis Example part 2 (20:33)

59 Corporate reconstruction and reorganisation (4:56)

60 Technique: Read the mind of the marker (32:41)
61 How to approach M&A questions Westparley example (37:00)
62 How to approach questions on derivatives Wardegul Example (31:47)

After mastering a theory and practice questions from homework task, practice 50-marks questions.
Then try a mock exam and ask for one more if needed.


Part A. Role of a senior financial adviser in the multinational organization
  1. The role and responsibility of senior financial executive/advisor
  2. Financial strategy formulation
  3. Ethical and governance issues
  4. Management of international trade and finance
  5. Strategic business and financial planning for multinational organizations
  6. Dividend policy in multinationals and transfer pricing
Part B. Advanced investment appraisal . 
  1. Discounted cash flow techniques
  2. Application of option pricing theory in investment decisions
  3. Impact of financing on investment decisions and adjusted present values
  4. Valuation and the use of free cash flows
  5. An international investment and financing decisions
Part C. Acquisitions and mergers
  1. Acquisitions and mergers versus other growth strategies
  2. Valuation for acquisitions and mergers
  3. Regulatory framework and processes
  4. Financing acquisitions and mergers
Part D. Corporate reconstruction and re-organization
  1. Financial reconstruction
  2. Business re-organization
Part E Treasury and advanced risk management techniques
  1. The role of the treasury function in multinationals
  2. The use of financial derivatives to hedge against forex risk
  3. The use of financial derivatives to hedge against interest rate risk
Updated on 29 December, 2020

Eligibility / Requirements

For awarding ACCA Qualification:

  • Pass 13 out of 15 exam
  • Complete Ethical module
  • Confirm practical expirience requirments of 36 months

About Learn It Online

Learn It Online is an ACCA exam preparation course program, which includes prerecorded lectures and workshops, learning materials and 24/7 tutor support in online format. We are ACCA Aproved Learning Partner with GOLD status.

We focus upon ACCA Qualification and proud of delivering high quality service. Our key identity from others is focus on tutor cooperation: we do not just sell prerecordered videos, we provide highquality learning service, almost individaul (due to little groups, usually less than 5 students) work with tutor.

Since 2015 we have offered online courses for Russian speaking students and we proud the achievement of our students pass rate. Now we are launch our courses purely in English but adapted for foreign students.

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