OSI & International Standards Al Majaz Star Computer Training Center

Course Outline

1. Introduction

  • Course introduction and overview

2. Open Systems

  • Open systems vs. proprietary systems.

3. Protocols and Standards

4. ISO OSI 7-Layer Reference Model

  • Top-level overview and introduction to Layers

5. The Physical Layer

  • Fiber, Twisted Pair, Cable and Wireless

6. Data Link Layer

  • LANs and MAC Addresses

7. Network Layer

  • IP, MPLS, Packets and Routers

8. Transport Layer

  • Reliability, Connections, Ports and Sockets

9. Session Layer

  • SIP, POP and HTTP

10. Presentation Layer

  • ASCII, MIME, Compression, Encryption, Codecs

11. Application Layer

  • SMTP, HTML and English

12. Protocol Stacks

  • The FedEx Analogy

13. Protocol Headers

  • Babushka Dolls

14. Standards Organizations

15. Multiple-Choice Exam

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