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In this course ' Manage Your Anger With NLP and Self Hypnosis ' by Pradeep Aggarwal you will be able to manage your anger much better and learn to be calm and composed in angry situations and avoid spoiling your relationships, health etc.

Anger is just an emotion which needs to be dealt with a very calm and composed mind as in anger we tend to take many wrong decisions and do things which we regret later in life .

Using this course you will learn many powerful and simple NLP and self hypnosis to overcome your anger issues and relax your mind whenever necessary.

This course contains 8 lectures and more than 30 minutes of video recorded content

This course contains-

- Introduction to the course

- Reasons For Controlling Your Anger

- Get To Know Your Anger Better

- Relaxation Techniques Using Anchoring

- Reverse Spin Technique

- Anger Management Using Visualizations

- Summary Of The Course

Updated on 18 December, 2014
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