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Ninja Japanese is about learning real-world Japanese communication skills in a modern context. Perfect for students, business or travel.

This course teaches you how to speak Japanese using proper grammar and vocabulary in a modern context. Words such as 'computer', 'iPhone', and 'video game' have entered into, and had an impact on, the Japanese language. So use this course to learn how to speak Japanese and also be able to apply many modern words.

Video lessons for this course are interactive and dynamic. Most include animated diagrams to help you follow the spoken dialogue. Each lesson comes with a matching PDF to assist your learning process. You can use them to practice what you have learned. They also include a few extras to help you develop your Japanese language skills

Let's review the course.

Learn common Japanese speaking such as:

  • greetings and introducing yourself
  • correct pronunciation
  • basic questions and statements
  • counting from 1 to 100
  • months, days, and time periods (for example 'next week')
  • a useful vocabulary of both traditional Japanese words and modern ones
  • gain cultural insights into Japanese language

This course is perfect for persons who want to travel to Japan on vacation or start learning the language for business. It's also great for school students or anyone else who wants to start learning this exciting language.

Ima Hajimete Ne! That means 'Let's Begin Now!' Take this course and have a great learning experience.

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Updated on 25 November, 2014
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