The neuroscience of leadership is rapidly breaking new ground in leadership training, deepening our understanding of how the brain works and how to maximise our potential to improve effectiveness at work and build better relationships. Ultimately, better knowledge about our own and others' brains helps to inform a wide range of interpersonal skills, as well as project planning and management practices, that have a positive impact on organisational performance and aid the creation of an agile learning organisation.

Neuroscience for Leaders and Managers provides an introduction to the world of neuroscience. Through facilitated discussion, you'll explore the impact of research in relation to key areas relating to organisational success and be exposed to a whole new approach to thinking and behaving in the workplace. We will apply models based on cutting edge research in practical ways to help uncover personal insights that you will be able to practice and apply outside the session. Throughout the interactive session there is a focus on turning the research into personal understanding and applying it to real life projects and contexts to improve organisational success.

Run as it features here, or run in-house where the content can be tailored to suit your organisational needs; cost effective if a number of people require training.

Course Tutors

Mr Gary Luffman

Gary Luffman is an Occupational Psychologist with a background in developing talent management solutions to support organisations strategies and goals. He is an experienced consultant, coach, facilitator and assessor who has designed and delivered courses for a wide variety of audiences across the UK and Europe. Gary's skills and experience include supporting clients in designing 'fit for purpose' succession planning/talent management solutions; developing and delivering tailored management development programmes for clients in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors; designing, delivering and managing assessment and development centres for recruitment and development decisions across Europe; designing and delivering effective development programmes focused on the psychology and neuroscience of leadership and management; and delivering coaching for senior managers across a wide range of industries.

Who is it for

Neuroscience for Leaders and Managers is recommended for those who want to enhance their own and others performance/wellbeing at work through understanding and applying cutting edge research about the brain.


By the end of the course, you will:

  • be aware of fundamental brain structures and their functions to provide yourself and others with improved mental models to deal with change, pressure, prioritising, innovation and emotions
  • have an increased awareness of your own and others brains alongside how you can enhance the brain's strengths and manage its limitations
  • be able to use your mental resources more effectively and efficiently to increase speed and accuracy at work
  • have developed greater mental flexibility through knowledge of how the brain can adapt
  • be able to help others understand how habits form and change alongside techniques to support this
  • understand how to apply a range of perceptual, cognitive and behavioural styles in different settings to improve individual, group and organisational performance.


  • Introduction to fundamental brain structures and their functions
  • Developing new ways to perceive, think and behave
  • How habits are formed and how they can change
  • Increasing moments of insight for yourself and others
  • Emotions from a scientific stance
  • The effects of positive psychology on individuals and groups
  • The brain's reactions to change and how to plan and manage for them.

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