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this course answering all  these question and also to share knowledge,experience about the exam and certification  

This course is designed following the basic guidelines to successfully pass NEBOSH IGC exam, we  searched and combined

experiences to provide you with the effective plan and we intended to collect these experience from persons had the experiences with the exam.


  • The basic structure of the nebosh course: how many parts ,how Many chapters per part , 
  • General advises & tricks to avoid before studying.
  • Resources that you must have to study very well
  • we devoted quick brief about time management 
  • How to Study & Practice for exam?!.
  • Exam Skills:activities at the end, it guides you on how to answer in exam-style question also.

get to know this experiences & recommendations we introduced are by people had the exam, 

but of course you are able to add or modify any information you find it fit to your situation, for example we recommended not to listen to any music or songs.. this is our best recommendations, but if you find it good and you are able .. it is up to you.. we give you the best practice.

if you need any help or more information, please don't hesitate to contact me instantly 

thanks in advance 

Updated on 21 July, 2018
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