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Welcome to this Mysql course.

If you learn how to setup an Oracle dataguard, then you'll be very pleased to enter in the replcation world of Mysql.

This process allow you to have a slave database replicated with the master one. As with Oracle, the master is the primary and the slave is the standby. The process is redo transport too... Funny no ?? So here, we'll simulate we have 2 mysql sites. In the first site we'll set the master database. We'll create an instance and we'll populate some tables. Then we'll start to setup the slave site, and the replication.

For this simulation, we'll use 2 virtual machines. Both virtual machines will have town' s names (Madrid and Barcelona). The course will cover all the steps as we'll start with a fresh install of red hat 6 (64bits) without any database.

During this course, you'll see the folowing key words:

Mysq ; Databases ; Replication ; Master ; Slave ; Binlogs ; Relaylog ; Indexlog ; Startup Script ; Environment script.

The material used in this course will be videos, slides and a txt file with all the commands and sql sentences. This course is about 3 hours.

The course is structured following this plan:

1 Installtion of the last version of Mysql in both servers

2 Creation of the user and group mysql, and environment files

3 Set up the Master init file

4 Set up the Slave init file

5 Export Master database to the slave site

6 Import the database and start Replication

7 Make some test of the correct replication and let see some usefull information about Master and Slave during the Replication

This course is a very usefull demonstration of making a Replication between 2 databases. After the main course, I'll upload some addons about manage more than one slave and we'll see an example of how set a Slave that is a Master at the same time. With all this knowledge, you'll be able to set a complexe structure of Mysql databases with one master, severals slaves and on or more of this slave can be a Master too. The course is designed to be easely ingested by all the people who wants to set this kind of structure.

In a few hours you'll have the demonstration done, and you will be able to offer this higth availability tool in your compagny.

So if you are looking for a good way to have online backup or an online site to garantee higth availability, then you need this course.

Updated on 27 December, 2017
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