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Without marketing, even the best business idea in the world will just stand still. It takes clever and focused marketing to bring any service or product into the awareness of its target audience and show it so favourably it's chosen over its competition.

Marketing is a broad term, encompassing many tools, strategies and approaches. Public relations, advertising, networking and sales all fall under the marketing umbrella. Approaching the promotion of your brand - your business - with a clear, precisely targeted marketing strategy is what you need to ensure success. It's essential that before you start any promotion, you have a good grounding in the theory and principles of marketing and also how you can best apply them to your business.

We've specifically designed this marketing course with you and your kind of business idea in mind. In this comprehensive Marketing Course, we've taken the marketing principles introduced in our Starting Your Business Course and expanded and added to them. Throughout the course, we'll teach you the essential elements to your marketing strategy and put a lot of emphasis on how to use the most up to date online marketing tools so you know how to keep the advantage over your competition.

We love to see our students following their dreams and achieving their ambitions. We're behind you all the way. We've created this course to help you direct your life to have the tools to put your vision into your reality. Get started today and step into the future that's waiting for you.

What you will learn

The insight and perspective you'll gain into what's behind promoting your business will help you focus your decisions on what really works to build a flourishing business. You'll have the confidence to plan wisely and see opportunities that give you the edge. You'll know how to reach the right customers and keep them.

Module 1 takes you through the tried and trusted principles and theory behind marketing. You'll learn the difference between 'wants' and 'needs', why market research is important, what's behind pricing your offer and much more.

In Module 2, you'll learn in detail what a marketing plan is, the essential components to include and how to create one. This is central to your marketing strategy and your business it gives you direction and focus and prevents you steering off course.

It's vital for a new business to keep costs as low as possible until cash flow strengthens. In Module 3, we've compiled clever and effective marketing techniques you can implement on a very small budget.

In Module 4, you'll get a good understanding on what makes a brand powerful and how to build yours.

Module 5 is devoted to all aspects of your website including how to fill it with great content, maximise your SEO and the many benefits to incorporating a regular blog.

In Module 6 we get you thinking about the more exciting parts of marketing your business - social media. We can't emphasise enough how much we feel it can do for your business, and it can be totally cost free! Memorise invaluable tips on implementing an online marketing strategy, presenting yourself so you're well received and managing your ongoing presence. Learn about the main platforms in social media so you can easily choose which ones suit you.

Module 7 is a wonderful resource you'll refer to again and again for great ideas on generating your own PR and on advertising.
Finally, Module 8 is all about sales. Learn what make a sales campaign successful and why it's a good marketing tool to inject zest into your bottom line. We also deal with modern sales 'pitching' and generating leads.

Course for?

This is the ideal course for you if:

  • You want to open a business
  • The idea of marketing is overwhelming, and you'd like to get a better grasp on the concept
  • You know a little about marketing, but you'd like to know more
  • You want to make sure that your business thrives!


International Open Academy courses are designed for anyone with an interest in learning. No formal qualifications are required to study with us. Our courses are suitable if you want to learn new skills, start a new career, or if you're already working in a particular industry and wish to upgrade your talents and enhance your resume.

Career path

Upon completion of this course, you could:

  • Build a complete marketing strategy for your business
  • Assist others in building marketing strategies for their small businesses
  • Consult with existing business and help clients set up complete and effective marketing strategies
  • Improve your existing marketing structures and strategies

Updated on 13 November, 2018

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