Manufacturing mechanics

Manufacturing mechanics

Updated on 08 November, 2015
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The technician in manufacturing mechanics can work independently or ensure support in the engineering departments in the field of manufacturing mechanics such as design, production, maintenance and starting of machine tools test, control and production equipments including digital production machines. He works primarily in the production and treatment workshops and in the manufacturing plants.

A Higher Technician specialized in manufacturing mechanics performs some or all of the following duties:

  • Supervises the work of the technicians and workmen, controls and directs their activities. Studies the orders of work and their plans of execution and determines the stages of production and the cost.
  • Determines the necessary equipment, machines and tools needed to realize an order.
  • Determines qualitatively the necessary material for production and prepares the purchase orders.
  • Estimates the cost of the necessary materials used for production.
  • Controls production and secures its conformity with the required specifications.
  • Prepares chronological plans to complete works according to the capacity and the availability of the production machine tools.
  • Analyses a specification book and contributes in its development.
  • Assists in the development of drawings and estimations.
  • Distributes work to the technicians and workmen.
  • Participates in the installation, the distribution and the maintenance of the machines and the various parts.
  • Organizes the plans and the work schedules for an optimal exploitation of time.
  • Controls raw material losses.
  • Solves technical problems.
  • Controls the production quality.
  • Controls stocks and organizes the stores.
  • Writes work reports.
  • Trains his subordinates to increase their competences.
  • Collaborates with the various actors of the production system (engineers and other specialists).
  • Participates in the various stages of a product design.
  • Analyses the production process design and implementation phases.
  • Makes sure of the application of the standards and the hygiene and safety measures.

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