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Businesses today are more at risk from corporate corruption and bribery then ever before.  This worldwide attack presents itself in many guises and therefore more then ever business owners and those tasked to monitor such activity are challenged outside their comfort zone.  Fraudulent activity has always been regarded as a ‘white-collar’ crime and therefore has been left and ignored.  Financial crime was a very serious, underrated, and somewhat ignored threat to private and public entities for most of the nineteenth century.  As a consequence, it prospered relatively undeterred and has cost many entities enormous sums of money. 

By the end of that century, however there appeared to be a growing appreciation of the need to combat the effects of financial crime more aggressively.  Effective combat was to be-and will continue to be for some time-elusive.  It has always been human nature to wait until something happens until doing something about it, and the same holds true in business. 

Many business owners will not contemplate paying for proactive fraud services, but will end up spending a lot of money on lawyers and accountants after they discover their company has lost a huge amount of money.  

Course outline

Day 1 - Compliance - Knowledge and Understanding

Day 2 - Systems Manipulation and Response Planning

Day 3 - Risk Based Due Diligence Guidelines / Considerations

Day 4 - Structured Problem Solving for Business Process Improvement

Day 5 - Design and Implement Controls to Manage and Mitigate Risks

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