The Ministry of Labor is the entity responsible for developing and implementing the Labor Law. This program will examine the theory of Lebanese Labor Law as well as identify the relationship between the employee and the employer.


  • The Current LLL & Its regulations
  • The Minimum and/or maximum requirements of various laws
  • Employment of Foreigners
  • Employees Leave Entitlements (Annual, Sick, Compassionate, Maternity, Paternity, Marriage, and Other types)
  • Disciplinary Procedures
  • National Social Security Fund NSSF Procedures:
    1. End of Service
    2. Illness & Maternity
    3. Allowances
    4. Social Security
    5. NSSF Various Forms
  • Income Taxes

Workshop Benefits:

  • Understanding the Lebanese Labor Law and its aspects
  • Identify the rights and obligations of both the Employers and the Employees
  • State the principle of the salary and its components
  • Understand the employment of foreigners

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