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    Read Japanese Fast is a Step-By-Step Online Coaching Method That Will Take You By The Hand And Show You How To Read Japanese in Less Than a Month.

    Here is a quick preview of what you will achieve by talking our course:

    • Read the entire Hiragana syllabary in less than a week
    • Quickly master how to read verbs - 20 different verb forms
    • Learn to read the Katakana syllabary, and pronounce words or phrases without being misunderstood
    •    Dramatically improve your understanding of grammar
    •    Learn hundreds of new Japanese words and phrases
    •    Save hundreds of hours of study time
    •    Memorize over 400 Kanji characters and learn their common readings
    •    Learn how to read real Japanese - not text book Japanese
    •    Actually read Kanji in context - read real Japanese

    Our philosophy is you need to place more emphasis on actually reading rather than memorizing kanji . For sure you need to know some kanji to get the ball rolling, but you shouldn't spend hours trying to memorize all the readings of individual kanji.

    Most teaches will tell you that you need to learn Kanji in order to read Japanese. Our Approach is "Read Japanese In Order To Learn Kanji"

    Updated on 08 November, 2015
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