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    Have You Heard About Ethereum or Smart Contracts?

    Are You Interested In Building Blockchain Applications?

    Maybe You've Been Wanting To Get Involved With The Blockchain Practically?

    Whatever your motivation to start on your journey with Blockchain, you've come to the right place.

    In this course we will talk about Ethereum, Ethereum Blockchain & Smart Contract Technology. This course will help you decide the use cases of Smart Contracts in real life. Because we are talking about Smart Contracts with practical approach it is easy to identify the real life applications & build something of your own.

    If you ever get confused about the difference between Bitcoin Blockchain & Ethereum Blockchain then this course is for you.

    If you are getting confused about Smart Contracts then this course is for you. On internet people talk very vague about the Smart Contracts, but here we will talk very precisely what Ethereum & Smart contracts are.

    This course make a lot of sense to: 

    • Students for their projects in Ethereum Blcokchain
    • Professors who are looking to teach the Ethereum Blockchain
    • Employees for their office work Ethereum based Smart contracts
    • Investors to understand the startups they are assessing
    • Entrepreneurs to know what they can build on top of Blockchain
    • Product managers to decide if they must adopt the Blockchain

    If you want to know the application aspects of Ethereum Blockchain then this course is for you.

    Updated on 28 March, 2018
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