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Namaste! Ever wanted to travel to India - the cradle of civilization - and talk to the largest population of people in the world? Ever wanted to visit one of the seven wonders of the world: The Taj Mahal, order food and go sight seeing while speaking with the natives of India in the Hindi language? Ever had to visit India for business and felt that you would be much more productive if you had only known conversational Hindi? Ever had to work in a high-tech company and worked with people from India and wanted to bridge the communication gap?

In this course you will embark on the beautiful and exotic journey of learning Conversational Hindi. With this course you'll be able to learn to converse in Hindi to do the followings:

  • Have basic Hindi conversation
  • Learn to getting around in India using Hindi
  • Order food in Hindi
  • Ask for directions in Hindi to Entertainment/Tourist Venues
  • Exchange pleasantries in Hindi
  • Do Business transactions in Hindi
  • Find Real-Estate using Hindi
  • Buy groceries using Hindi
  • Find services such as (Doctor, Tailor, Fuel Pump etc.) using Hindi
  • Book travel in India using Hindi
  • Make friends using Hindi conversation

No prior experience in Hindi is Required. So come with an open mind and you will do great.

Best of Luck!

Updated on 22 March, 2018
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