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    Are you taking level N4 of JLPT? Are you worried you might fail?

    Well, don't be.

    We take you by the hand and show you how it is done with three practice tests and over 6 hours of video tutorials showing you how to answer each test question.

    How would you like to:

    • Save hours and hours of study time
    • Look forward to the test rather than fear the day
    • Walk into the test room full of confidence knowing it is in the bag
    • Smile as you watch your fellow students desperately cram study on breaks between each test section while you enjoy the moment
    • Have the pleasure of knowing that you are answering each question correctly
    • Amaze yourself when you finish the test with minutes to spare
    • Get the highest score in your class
    • Win praise and recognition from your Japanese friends

    N4 JLPT Requirements

    According to The Japan Foundation level N4 is reached after approximately 300 hours of study.

    Examinees should know around 300 Kanji and 1500 words, and be able to take part in everyday conversation and have the ability to read and write simple sentences.

    Our JLPT Program Takes You By The Hand And Shows You How to Pass

    Passing the JLPT is all about preparation - the right preparation. Whether you are months, weeks or even days away, the way you prepare for the test will determine how well you pass it, or how badly you fail it.

    The best preparation you can do is to take the test. We have written the test for you and we will show you how to pass it question by question. In fact, we have written 3 practice tests for you. And to explain all the questions and answers in the these 3 practice tests we have recorded over 40 videos. That's more than 6 hours of screen capture video lessons!

    What am I going to get from this course?

    • 3 Practice tests - Kanji, Grammar and Reading sections
    • Indispensable advice on how to approach the test questions
    • 6 hours of screen capture video of myself and Kaoru showing you how to answer each question. A total of 30 videos
    • Hints on things to watch out for with the multiple choice questions
    • A reference list of all the vocabulary you need to know for JLPT 3
    • 300 Kanji with their "On" and "Kun" readings, and meanings
    • Over 200 test questions explained in real time video
    • A test survival guide for the big day

    How is this course different to other JLPT study programs?

    • Gives you real practice under test conditions.
    • Explains the test questions and how best to approach them.
    • Is written and recorded by someone who has passed the test and by a Japanese native who tutors Japanese for a living.
    • Takes you step-by-step and empowers you with proficiency in the Japanese language in hours.
    • Is the only product that shows you how to answer the test questions with screen capture videos - this is not just an e-book.
    Updated on 22 March, 2018
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