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The aim of the Airways Aviation Jet Orientation Course (JOC) is to build and develop your knowledge and experience in flying complex, high performance jet aircraft.You will be introduced to concepts specific to jet aircraft including EFIS instrumentation, EICAS presentations and auto flight systems. Our JOC course is designed to utilise airline and multi crew operating methods in a simulated European network of routes.

In this course you will develop skills and experience relevant to jet aircraft, including:

  • high speed
  • high altitude jet performance
  • extreme weather considerations
  • upset prevention and recovery training (UPRT)
  • mach speed considerations
  • contaminated runways and icing
  • engine failures after V1 but before VR
  • single engine landings
  • visual circuits, day and night
  • x-wind landings
  • departures and arrivals using FMS and autopilot

About Airways Aviation Lebanon

Airways Aviation has an outstanding Aviation Foundation School located in the heart of the buzzing and cosmopolitan Beirut CBD. 

Our Aviation Theory School in Beirut provides you with a unique introduction to flying and a proven pathway to a career as a commercial airline pilot. Begin your pilot training close to home and get the confidence and peace of mind you need to commence full flight training at one of our academies in the UK or Australia.  

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