Udemy Introduction to Instructional Design and creating E-Learning Udemy
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    This bite-sized course has been specially designed to give anyone the most well-rounded knowledge of what Instructional Design really means and how they can effectively create meaningful E-Learning.

    The course is broken down into useful instructor led videos, hand picked resources and practical assignments to give you the very best education introduction to this subject. Everything is in 'plain English' and gives you all the information that I wish I would have been given when I started out in the industry. I have also included access to hundreds of free assets in order to give you the best start possible and save you from hours of searching the internet.

    The techniques that are explored have been successfully tried and tested through hundreds of courses to ensure that you are setup for success.

    So why not start your Instruction Design journey the right way?!

    Updated on 22 March, 2018
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