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This session will introduce participants to the more relevant and yet mysterious elements of architecture and the architecture of life; specifically Sacred Geometry, Biomimicry and Ecomimicry. I will then introduce some lesser known architects, designers, and researchers who use these concepts and structures in their own work in order to make some predictions about the future of design in relation to sustainability.

This course features an 8-part lecture series that discusses the issues surrounding the subjects involved, namely:

  • Introduction
  • Sacred Geometry, Atomic Particles, Vibrations
  • Geometry and Architecture
  • Theoretical Physics, Tensigrity, and Architecture
  • Golden Ratio, Pie, and the Fibonacci Sequence
  • Biomimicry and Sustainability
  • Biomimicry Design Special
  • Nature and Design

Your questions, suggestions, and comments are all welcome. Feel free to send us an email. Happy learning!

Updated on 20 March, 2018
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