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    This course will help lay the foundation of knowledge in using Crypto-currency for beginners.

    • Learn the history of Money.

    • Understand the basics of Crypto-currency and it's terminology.

    • Gain an insight into the Technology behind Crypto-currency and Blockchain

    • Hints and tips and some useful tools to get started in crypto.

    • Useful practical demonstrations to help guide you through each step from installing your wallet to buying and withdrawing coins.

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    Whether you are interested to learn more about Crypto-currency from a technical perspective or looking to jump into an alternative to traditional investing, this course is an ideal place to get started!

    Many people are already talking about the potential for Crypto-currency to become a new form of currency and Companies are beginning to welcome the idea of introducing Crypto-currency as a new way of paying for goods and services.  Additionally, the technology behind Crypto is becoming well recognised for innovation and creativity in resolving real life problems.

    Content and Overview 

    Suitable for beginners, you'll learn all you need to know including the essentials of Crypto-currency and gain an understanding of its potential.

    Starting with the history of currency, this section will help you understand how currency has evolved over the years and to understand why this new form of currency has been introduced.

    Following this, the course will take you through the technology behind Crypto-currency, including blockchains, and an insight into the world of mining.

    I will take you through the technical jargon, including a helpful breakdown in each of the elements of Crypto-currency from the different types of coins to the exchanges and ICOs.

    In addition, the subsequent sections will critically review Crypto-currency, provide useful tools and things that are important to know before you begin your Crypto journey.

    At the end of this course is a variety of practical demonstrations which you can follow to help you get started including downloadable handouts that you can refer to and use when needed.

    Updated on 22 March, 2018
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