Introduction and Fundamentals of Advertising (M&S-2) American Chamber
  • Locations: Dokki
  • Duration: 15 Hours

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Workshop Objectives:

This course is designed new entrants to the field understand the process from initial planning stages to the very end stage of a campaign. Participants will be better equipped to plan, manage, brief and work with advertising agencies to ensure that targets are achieved in their advertising campaigns. 

Workshop Contents:


  • Brief history 
  • Definitions; marketing versus advertising 
  • Definitions; advertising and public relations 
  • The marketing mix and the role of advertising 
  • The communication process 
  • Requirements for effective campaigns 

The advertising department and the advertising agency

  • Structure and roles - Advertising departments 
  • Structure and roles - Advertising Agency 
  • Advertising Agencies: 

  1. Selection 
  2. Appointment 
  3. Working with advertising agencies 

Advertising media; importance and characteristics

  • Below the line 
  • Above the line 

Types of advertising

  • Consumer 
  • Business to business 
  • Corporate advertising 
  • Corporate identity 

The advertising campaign

  • Structure / Process 
  • Situation analysis 
  • SWOT analysis 
  • Objectives 
  • Target audience 
  • Geographical strategies 
  • Positioning 

The advertising campaign - Execution

  • Steps and roles; interaction between the advertising department and the advertising agency 
  • Advertising and ethical issues

Course Location

About American Chamber

Efforts to establish an American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt date back to the 1950s, when Hassan El Abd initiated the idea. But political changes within Egypt kept the idea dormant until 1974, when President Anwar El Sadat initiated the "Open Door" policy.
A by-product of the policy was the formation of the Egypt-U.S. Joint Business Council. Twice yearly, this group of top-level Egyptian and American business executives met to discuss Egyptian business issues. The first resolution of the Council in 1974 called for the creation of an American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt. 
Finally, after seven years of intermittent efforts to found the Chamber, some substantive progress was made in 1981 under the organization of George DeBakey of Rockwell International. He recruited prominent Egyptian and American business leaders who shared his commitment to a chamber. In October 1983, the first board meeting of the American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt was convened.
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