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Program Overview

This certificate enables first line managers and team leaders to better understand the core business functions, learn how to grow and manage a business as well as face the new global challenges.

This program is certified from the International Business Driving License, Missouri State University, USA. 


  • Module 1: (Business Start up - Management Functions and Styles - Leadership and Motivation)
  • Module 2: Human Resources Management
  • Module 3: Marketing Essentials
  • Module 4: Understanding Financial Information and Accounting
  • Module 5: IT in Business
  • Module 6: How Economics Affects Business
  • Module 7: (Business in Global Markets - Ethical Behavior and Social Responsibility)


Learning Objectives

  • Demonstrate full understanding of the Real Business world and challenges
  • Describe various management styles
  • Learn the qualities of a leader and appreciate different leadership styles
  • Fully understand the human resource process
  • Explain the market segmentation
  • Understand the inter-dependent nature of organizational departments
  • Understand the effect of each department on corporate profits
  • Identify the importance of inter-departmental cohesion to achieve business objectives
  • Experiment improved understanding of why businesses make and lose money
  • Know how to make smart decisions every time
  • Understand the importance of business planning and its impact on corporate performance

Who Should Attend?

  • Supervisors and managers looking to acquire a more holistic understanding of the different business functions of an organization.
  • Team leaders, Supervisors and first line managers who are willing to better understand the core business functions.



Basic knowledge of key Business Functions


Tools Used

Workshop, Case Studies & Board Game Simulation 

Updated on 02 April, 2018

About IMI International

IMI is a Management Development Company established in 1999 with 16 years of experience in the market, specialized in HR Outsourcing Services, Training and Development and Consulting Services.

IMI is a professional provider for HR services, ranging from recruitment, payroll processing and full body leasing models.

IMI offers certified training programs and public courses in affiliation with international foundations and institutions. IMI offers language programs that utilize Rosetta Stone as the backbone of the learning experience through Ocean County College.

IMI offers consulting services in the field of HR Management, Training & Assessment, and Marketing Management.

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