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    Determine Why They Want It: You have to make it clear to the audience why they would want the items on youragenda. Knowing why creates desire—the motivation to stay in their seats andcrave every word you have to say. If you can highlight why they want thismaterial and you're able to provide that before, during, and after class, you havean audience who wants to be there. 

    Research Teaching Strategies: There are many different teaching strategies that a trainer can choose from inorder to deliver new content to trainees. Which teaching strategy you choosedepends on multiple factors, including the learning styles and the abilities of yourtrainees, as well as the content to be taught. 

    Research Teaching Tools: It is not possible to target all learning styles all of the time, but it is possible totarget all learning styles in every topic at some point. It is very important thatevery learning style be addressed in each topic. If you have chosen a primaryteaching strategy that does not address all four learning styles, it is yourresponsibility to incorporate tools that will address those remaining styles. 

    Select the Right Strategies and Tools: Your teaching strategies and teaching tools should be varied enough toaccommodate all four learning styles. You can vary your teaching strategies everytwenty to sixty minutes or use supplemental teaching tools to target learners thatthe main strategy doesn't address when used exclusively. Here's a general rule ofthumb. 

    Make it Real to Them: Do you teach any classes with material that is just plain and dry? Maybe you havea lot of technical content. This is your chance to have fun with the class. It's timeto give you the opportunity to make class more enjoyable for both the trainers andthe participants. When you do this, you will make your instructors more credibleand your end user workflows more authentic. In the end, this will build yourcredibility as a writer and an instructor. 

    Updated on 22 March, 2018
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