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    Master the world-wide used rules for Imports and Exports to improve profits, minimize risks and expand oportunities.

    The international logistics involved in Import and Export operations are so important that International Organisms have dedicated decades to design and improve a set of rules to allow Buyers and Sellers to negotiatewith clarity, ease and safety.

    We will go through all the context and background behind these rules, how to apply and use them, and we will also go deep into the risks involved and the precautions needed to take into consideration to make international trade and business in the easiest, safest and most profitable way.

    the course will be divided in two general sections. The first section will be centered in understanding the international, commercial and operational context in which these rules are used:

    The following topics will be addressed in the first section:

    • International context
    • What these rules are and what they are NOT.
    • Specificities of the the new and only valid version of the rules.
    • Legal and commercial implications and responsibilities of Buyers and Sellers.
    • Risks and alternatives.
    • Tips and recommendations for international negotiation and trade fairs and events.

    The second general section will address the following topics:

    • Details of each of the available rules.
    • Obligations and responsibilities of Buyers and Sellers within each of the available rules.
    • Risks and risk mitigation possibilities within each of the available rules.


    Updated on 20 February, 2018
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