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A review of the key concepts and principles of IFRIC 13 Customer Loyalty Programmes (Revenue)

The course includes principle lectures and a summary of the IFRIC Interpretation. These principles are then illustrated practically in class examples that focus on journalising the recognition and measurements principles contained in the Interpretation.

You will need to download the lecture slides and work through the lecture videos and the class examples.

The course is structured to assist three categories of delegates who require knowledge of International Financial Reporting Standards and related IFRIC Interpretations:

  • Students studying accounting at university;
  • Candidates studying to pass board and professional exams;
  • Professionals looking to keep up to date with continuing professional education.

The Tabaldi approach is practical and our lecturers focus on making the sometimes complex principles of financial reporting simple and practical.

You will need to engage with the lecturer with pen in one hand and calculator in the other, mental application and a proactive approach will ensure that you master this topic under financial reporting and accounting.

Updated on 23 May, 2018
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