ICVS International Certified Valuation Specialist
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  • Duration: 4 Days

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ICVS is the typical valuation certification for this part of the world since it focuses on the valuation of privately held companies that is the dominant kind of companies. These companies are demanding valuations for buyouts, mergers and acquisitions or different reasons. The demand for the ICVS is picking up among private equity firms, investment companies and investment banks, consulting companies, etc throughout the Middle East (Beirut, Egypt, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and the UAE).

Who can benefit from ICVS?

  • Valuation Analysts.
  • Merger and acquisition consultants.
  • Investment and financial analysts.
  • Private Equity Analysts.
  • Investment bankers.
  • Financial officers.
  • Consultants and Business advisors.
  • Audit and accounting professionals specializing in consulting.

ICVS holders will effectively deliver valuations for, buyouts, mergers and acquisitions, privatizations, joint ventures, transfer of shares, initial public offerings, etc…

Benefits from earning a ICVS® certificate

Global Recognition

  • Acquiring the ICVS designation renders you eligible to apply for the IACVA international membership with all its benefits.

Practical Skills

  • The ICVS Program curriculum focuses on the practical knowledge and current real-world skills necessary in the valuation profession.


  • Earning the ICVS certification places you in the company of an exclusive elite group of valuation professionals (more than 18000 worldwide).

Stand out from the crowd

  • Differentiate yourself from other graduates and postgraduates.

Boost your professional profile

  • Drive your career and professional experience forward by acquiring one of the most demanded financial skills in the MENA and GCC regions.

Gain priority when applying for jobs

  • International and local companies will give you priority when hiring for their finance related positions.

ICVS requirements

  1. Have a college degree
  2. Complete a 35 hours training program and course of study as prescribed by the Association.

Basic qualifications & requirements for the International Certified Valuation Specialist (ICVS) designation

  • Hold a business degree or MBA or CFA, CIIA, CEFA designation.
  • Be a member in good standing with IACVA;
  • Complete a 35 hours training program and course of study as prescribed by the Association.
  • Submit three personal and three business references;
  • Pass a comprehensive twoâ€part examination (Computer Based Online exam ( 5 hr examination ) + case Study to be submitted within 90 days).

What topics does the ICVS® program concentrate on?

The ICVS training program comprehends

  • Complexities surrounding the valuation process.
  • Understanding the issues related to empirical evidence.
  • The strengths and weaknesses of the various approaches.
  • Challenges of developing capitalization and discount rates in a global environment and their application to international markets.
  • Different sources of data and information.
  • Common pitfalls that could be encountered throughout the process.

Here is a glimpse of you can expect to acquire from the ICVS program

  • Performing ratio analysis.
  • Constructing and analyzing economic/normalized financial statements.
  • Performing a comparative analysis.
  • Comparing IAS and U.S. GAAP standards.
  • Selecting proper income.
  • Estimating future earnings.
  • Distinguishing and converting preâ€tax and afterâ€tax discount/capitalization rates.
  • Allocating components of value.
  • Selecting and applying the proper valuation method.
  • How and when to select the proper valuation method.
  • How and when to select marketability and minority discounts.
  • Preparing a business valuation.
  • Tackling international markets.

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