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This Achology certified Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma course will provide you with a vast toolkit of all the essential principles and techniques you will need for your future hypnotherapy practice and deep-change work.

Among the most respected in the world, the Achology Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma will teach you how to masterfully guide individuals using our time-proven process to gain clarity of direction and achieve any specific goals or desired outcomes they may have.

Fully endorsed by Achology, The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology, this thought-provoking training course will prepare you with the essential skills and insights needed to launch your career as a professional hypnotherapist. If you hope to enhance the role you currently fulfil by adding hypnotherapy skills, this training is for you.

Hypnotherapy training can be a highly rewarding experience. Itll help you discover the essential principles, methodologies and practices of Hypnotherapy needed to develop a sound understanding of your own psyche as well as those of other people.

This comprehensive training will provide you with everything you need to position yourself as a qualified and confident Hypnotherapist. Based on a decade of practising Hypnotherapy and Modern Applied Psychology, our course trainer will guide you through a range of highly actionable hypnotherapy processes which will enable you to feel confident about getting successful results with your future clients.

Whether you intend to set up a new business as a Hypnotherapist or are hoping to learn some powerful techniques to add to your existing interdisciplinary practice, the tools and techniques that you will learn throughout this course will become a crucial part of your skillset for many years to come.

Those who study Hypnotherapy at this level will learn how to employ the tools and techniques used by the international network of Achology Hypnotherapists. These tools can be used to empower yourself and others to reach and exceed predefined sets of personal or professional goals.

Qu) What will I be able to do upon completion of this course?

As you apply what you learn to yourself through the modules, you will learn how to:

  • Lead people into profound states of clarity and focus

  • Understand the mind and how to positively influence people

  • Develop a whole, present and influential therapeutic presence

  • Modify undesired attitudes & behaviours in yourself and others

  • Structure a Hypnotherapy session & plan a succession of sessions

  • Use Hypnotic induction techniques and deepeners to facilitate change

  • Take control of your thought processes & manage your emotional states

  • Earn other people's trust so they will open up & be entirely honest with you

  • Get efficient at reading the verbal & non-verbal communications of others

  • Use metaphoric storytelling to win hearts, minds & the trust of your clients

  • And much, much more ...

This Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma is designed to help you construct an unshakeable foundation to launch your career as a hypnotherapy practitioner upon. You will be trained by Kain Ramsay, a world-respected instructor to over 500,000 people. He is valued for providing the latest, cutting-edge communication models and psychological tools that help people start getting real-life results today.

There's no deadline for completing this training. You can fit the 120+ course lectures around your other life commitments and achieve the Diploma at your own preferred pace - most of our Achology students complete this training within 2-4 months.

You will develop life-changing skills and gain paradigm-shifting insights that will enable your future clients to define and achieve their primary agendas in life. Upon completing the course, you will have enough understanding of the Hypnotherapy Practitioner framework to start putting it into practice right away.

It's important to note that Hypnotherapy is not a regulated profession. Anyone who has developed the necessary skills and essential personal qualities can practice as a Hypnotherapist. Soon enough, you'll be practising hypnotherapy with others, developing your competencies and preparing to become an expert in your field.

On completing the final lecture, you can access your Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma certificate.

More and more, clients tend to favour Hypnotherapy Practitioners who have qualifications and a membership with a professional organisation, which is why successful completion of this training course also qualifies you to join Achology, the Academy of Modern Applied Psychology, as a professional member.

Personal change is seldom a straightforward process. It is complicated, unpredictable and has scope for an infinite range of creative new responses. Achology has a worldwide presence as a training institution and leads the way in an exciting new approach to hypnotherapy that's responsive to this exciting reality.

Full Money Back Guarantee: We are confident you will find value in this course. A full money-back guarantee with no questions asked protects your investment should the course not meet your expectations.

Updated on 11 March, 2020
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