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HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is the standard markup language used to create web pages. You can create your own website. HTML is easy to learn.

Courses Include:

  • What is HTML?
  • Why is HTML Important?
  • Exploring an HTML Document
  • How to format content
  • Display images
  • Using article, nav, and div elements
  • Linking to other web pages
  • Linking to downloadable content
  • Creating lists
  • Controlling styling (colors, fonts and more)
  • Writing basic scripts
  1. Introducing HTML
    – What is HTML?
    – Importance of HTML
    – Basic HTML syntax
    – Current state of HTML
    – Resources of HTML
    – Choosing a code editor
  2. Basic Page Structure
    – Exploring an HTML document
    – DOCTYPE declarations
    – Document head & body
    – Understanding content models
  3. Formatting Page Content
    – Formatting content with HTML
    – How to use headings
    – Paragraphs formatting
    – How to control line breaks
    – Emphasizing text
    – Displaying special characters
    – Controlling whitespace
    – How to display images
  4. Structuring Content
    – Value of structure
    – How to control document outlines
    – Nav element
    – Article element
    – Section element
    – Aside element
    – Div element
    – Other semantic elements
  5. Creating Links
    – Anchor Element
    – Linking to pages within your site and external pages
    – Linking to downloadable sources
    – Linking to page regions
  6. HTML Forms
    – HTML Form Elements
    – HTML Input types
    – HTML Input Attributes
  7. HTML Graphics
    – HTML Canvas
    – HTML SVG
  8. HTML Media
    – HTML Video
    – HTML Audio
    – HTML Plug-ins
    – HTML YouTube
  9. HTML APIs
    – HTML Geolocation
    – HTML Drag/Drop
    – HTML Local Storage
    – HTML App Cache
    – HTML Web Workers
    – HTML SSE
  10. Controlling Styling
    – HTML and CSS
    – Creating inline styles
    – The style element
    – Controlling typography
    – Adding color
    – Externalizing styles

 Basic Scripting
– HTML and JavaScript
– Script element
– Writing a function
– Using the DOM
– Listening for an event
– Responding to events
– Externalizing JavaScript

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