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Most companies still operate as if they control their customers. But, in today’s market, it’s really the other way around. In fact, there’s a new boss in town, named Customer CEO. This course is based on Chuck Wall’s book, Customer CEO: How to Profit from the Power of Your Customers.

Today’s customers believe it’s all about them. Their opinions rule the day. Their self-interest is at the root of their daily decisions in virtually every area of life. The hard truth for people in business is that the customer is the one really in charge. And if you want their business, you must better understand and listen to them. Your future depends on it. This is what we call the Power of Me. Who better to boss around than the companies they give their money to?

This course will help you better understand the Power of Me with case studies from major brands like IKEA and Southwest Airlines. You will also work through two hands-on exercises to better understand how the Power of Me affects your business.

Every student who successfully completes this course will receive a Certificate of Completion.

We look forward to sharing much more about the Power of Me with you!

Updated on 22 March, 2018
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