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    The purpose of this course is to help you understand HOW to focus your attention when developing technical skills, practicing on the range and competing out on the golf course.

    Your ability to learn how to focus your Attention consistently when hitting golf balls IS NOT determined by your technical skills but your ability to play your best golf IS limited by your ability to FOCUS attention consistently.

    Existing golf coaching practices worldwide do not SYSTEMATICALLY explain or train the golfers Attention when learning, practicing and playing. This course closes that significant education gap. NO tips. NO quick fixes.

    Mastery of ALL life skills occurs when you make an essential shift in the focus of your attention - from an internal focus to an external focus. This shift usually happens naturally and NON-consciously - not with golf.

    You ride a bicycle when you STOP focusing on your physical actions. You drive a car when you STOP focusing on your physical actions. You play a musical instrument when you STOP focusing on your physical actions. You begin touch typing when you STOP focusing on your physical actions.

    The shift of Attention is vital. Playing golf demands the same shift.

    You may notice you do not play great golf whilst thinking about your swing/stroke but how can you play without swing thoughts if you only practice with them? HOW can you SHIFT your Attentional Focus away from your technique and experience FLOW in practice and play? You must change the way you practice.

    This course will explain HOW to TRAIN and TRUST your technical skills.

    If you could look at your TARGET whilst executing a golf shot few would argue that it should be the sole focus of your attention. Looking away from the target in order to execute your swing or putt does NOT make the target any less significant but golfers often lose sight of it when looking at the ball.

    Is there a difference between LOOKING at and SEEING your Target? Yes!

    Learning HOW to keep your ATTENTION locked on target (enabling an external focus), whilst looking down at the ball, is the unique challenge of the game of golf. Your target focus is often lost due to erroneous thoughts about your swing, the ball or un/desirable outcomes in the SECONDS prior to or during execution. Your attention is frequently OFF target and inconsistent outcomes are often the result. Therein lies the reason why golf is such a psychological challenge regardless of your technical proficiency.

    This course reveals why learning how to swing golf clubs efficiently and learning how to play golf are very different psychological skills, both of which need to be deliberately practiced.

    The key attributes of successful golfers explained within this golf training program include:

    • State Management
    • Concentration
    • Attentional Focus
    • Targeting
    • Visualization
    • Acceptance

    This course content will take approximately 5 hours. Once completed, contact Colin for your complementary 1 hour 1 to 1 remote coaching session via video conference which will help you develop a SINGLE pre-shot MENTAL procedure (not just a physical routine!) for use with EVERY golf club from the first tee to the last green. This will simplify your golf.

    Golf is a challenging mind game but an excellent vehicle for the development of valuable life skills. This unique golf coaching program is essential for anyone who attempts to play the game. If you've ever asked your self "Why can't I do that ALL the time?" herein lie the answers to your many years of confusion.

    You will NEVER master the game of golf but you can certainly aspire to PLAY it.

    Take this unique golf training course now and learn to AIM accurately and consistently.

    Updated on 08 November, 2015
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