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Would you like to reduce the amount of dairy in your diet or give it up completely but not sure what to have instead? The vegan cheeses in the shops are expensive and a lot of the nut milks contain sugar and preservatives, which defeats the whole purpose of trying to get healthy. We are shown by so many experts that dairy is not good for us and the horrid cruelty involved in the dairy industry has encouraged so many people and even cafes and restaurants to "Ditch Dairy". But what do we eat instead?

On this course you will learn how easy it is to make your own, dairy free, vegan products. At the end of this course you will be able to make milks, cheeses, creams and yoghurt which are so simple to make,  you can always have them in your fridge.

Join Raw Food Chef  Norma Strang in her kitchen as she not only shows you how to make 8 delicious dairy free, vegan options but gives you lots of health tips as well.

Updated on 22 March, 2018
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