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  • This course is really for you who wants to improve your dance moves to house music and club dancing! 

You don't need to have dance experience, but if you have dance experience your benefits will be even bigger, because you can add on the moves you already have.

 I will also show you how to put steps together and find a foundation to play with, a foundation where you have confidence to improvise,hit the dancefloor whenever you want together with friends or by yourself and most important express yourself to the music!              

  • In less than 30 days you  will have ALL the basics you need to spend hours dancing on the dancefloore and  to house music!


The biggest barriers you can run into when it comes to learn dancing is TIME, GRADIENT AND CONFIDENCE!

And yes, i have myself ran into all 3 of them!! But i also found a way out, a solution for each barrier that have taken me to where i am today (except for a carrier as a dancer, most important,  i have a very high confidence and i am a very happy dancer, loving what i do and love to learn more).. And i have practiced this solutions on thousands of students and have been able to see the happiness when they also break through and dance in a way they didn't think was possible. Everything for totally beginners to Advanced dancers.

I will give you solutions for all 3 barriers on this course:


A big famous dancer Marjory Smarth,once said to me " Everybody deserves their own time".. And she couldn't be more right!!

On a class or a group seminar the teacher have to adapt to the whole group, they can't stay with individuals and help them out. This is a big problem in teaching and in learning. 

Because if someone doesn't understand something, they will miss the rest of the information of the class because their attention is on what they are stuck in.. Money lost! And confidence down!

  • The lessons on this course are videotaped in different angles and in slowmotion, where you really can duplicate and see how the steps are done. And you can do it over and over again, until you own them! 

  • This course is build in short lessons, videos, where you learn the steps,  you can dance with me, and stay on the lesson as long as you need, take your own  time!  


If you try to learn a step that you don't understand the foundation on, or what the step is built on... You will get stuck, and once again confidence goes down! 

It would be the same thing as saying to a baby (who just learned how to crawl);" RUN!!!"..  

  • The course is divided in 4 different levels, all built up on a gradient so you easy can do each level and not get stuck. Starting with level 1 and then up to level 4. 

  • You will learn 30 new steps, and how to put them together on your own.

  • You get 10 combinations, where i put tougher all the steps you learned on this course.


Confidence comes when you know something, and you know how to do it. Because you own it. You have confidence of saying you're name right? Why? Well.. its simple.. YOU KNOW IT! 

If i say to a person who never danced before; Go out on the dance floor and do a solo! 

I would probable make that person extremely nervous, and would had a lot of problems to get the person out on the dance floor.  If my mission was to higher the confidence, i would probable totally fail and have the opposite effect! 

You have to have an environment where you feel safe to do misstakes, try things out and focus in. 

Now.. You choose the place, and i will be right there with you!!

  •  This course gives  you a foundation so you can enjoy your dance, you know what you can do, and also be able to build onto your dance as far as your want. 

  • Each level will give you exercises and instructions on how to play with the steps, and really really own them, ITS YOUR DANCE!


Here is the beauty, you can do this course, owning the steps with an ability to improvise for hours in less than 30 days.. BUT.. truth is you can play with this forever.. I still do! 

I use the basics in this course daily in my own dancing and practice..That is the beauty.. This course gives you the foundation that you keep on building on.. So Really Take Your Own Time! 

Money Back Guarantee:

I have totally confidence in the material on this course and that is why i give you a 30 day Money back Guarantee..

What students of Maggie has said about her as a teacher and classes:

I started taking Maggies danceclasses in 2010 and months later I started working as her assistant. She is a brilliant dancer and teacher and I love how she sees every student as an individual and helps each one to set and achieve personal goals by challenging onesellf and always bringing one out of the comfortzone. 

The best part is that in her classes it doesn't matter if you're an achieving proffessional dancer or just enjoy the workout - the dancestudio is always full of sweat and joy no matter of the different levels of the students in class, and it's easy to feel comfortable already as a beginner. 

After a year of working as Maggies assistant and growing as a dancer by her side I was confident enough to apply to Broadway Dance Center where my intention was to continue my focus on house and waacking but I missed Maggies way of focusing on freestyle and searched outside of BDC. 

Through Maggie I got to know about and meet some great housedance personalitys like Bravo and Conrad that I had the chance to practice with during my six months in New York. We kept contact during my stay and she coached me from a distance.

I've never met any other teacher that knows how to reach the students the way Maggies does! 

/ Madeleine

2,5 years ago Maggie introduced me to House dance. I was doing my last year at Danscenter Stockholm and she worked with my class for three weeks straight. She was such an inspiring and talented teacher.  After I graduated DC Stockholm I went to New York City to dance at the Broadway Dance Center. There I danced for many great teachers, but not many of them had the versatility Maggie has in dance.  Coming back to Sweden after 2 years I had the privilege of joining a House group led by Maggie once a week. Her musicality, passion and skill outshine most dancers I've worked with / Hannah.

"My name is Linnéa Sonka and i started dance when i was 16. 3 years ago i Discoved the dancestyle house, in Paris. There i practice the tecnique of the Style, 1 year later i started to take classes for Maggie aulin in stockholm. This really opened up My eyes to Where house is really from and the love the Style containes. What i like ALOT with Maggies classes is That i was introduced to new teaching methodes. To focus on the individual dancer, Style and how each person can grow and reach him/her goals. Her classes is Always like a creative fActory - thanks to diffrent tasks during freestyle practice! Maggie stands for passion, knowledge and the you of dance!! I think i have developed Alot during her classes."

Updated on 14 February, 2018
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