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This course focuses on leadership and management issues in health care organizations while providing participants with a practice setting to examine and develop their own management skills. This course provides an overview of the evolution, structure and current issues in the health care system. It examines the unique features of health care as a product, and the changing relationships between patients, physicians, hospitals, insurers, employers, communities, and government.

Targeting Audience: 

Healthcare providers and other professionals in healthcare fields including experienced workers in health sector and holders of any degree in healthcare fields such as medicine, nursing, pharmacy, medical lab, radiology, nutrition, biomedical engineering, etc. Learning Objectives The course focuses on healthcare systems and strategic planning in healthcare. 

Participants are going to study principles of management in healthcare, healthcare financial management,  healthcare governance and leadership, quality management systems in healthcare organizations, and human resources management in healthcare. In addition to marketing in healthcare, patient safety and risk management, evaluation professional practices, and accreditation of healthcare organizations. 

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