Greenhouse Gas Validation Using ISO Sustainable Management Group
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Validation is the systematic, independent and documented process for the evaluation of a greenhouse gas (GHG) assertion in a GHG project plan against agreed validation criteria. Validation is normally performed for GHG emission reduction projects before they are implemented and it helps ensure that the project conforms to the requirements of a standard or the rules of a GHG program. This course will provide detailed training on the approach to validation using the ISO 14064-3 standard, with specific examples of how the validation approach would be applied to a project that conforms with the ISO 14064-2 standard or the requirements of the WRI/WBCSD GHG Project Protocol.


  • Consultants
  • Auditors
  • Chartered Accountants
  • Professional Engineers interested in offering validation or verification services to the emerging carbon marketplace or for provincial and federal regulated GHG programs.
  • Regulated entities and offset project developers also may be interested to understand the processes

of validation and verification so they know what to expect when engaging in them.


The course will cover elements of:

  • How validators can assess their own competencies to conduct the validation;
  • How a validator can establish validation scope, objectives, criteria and level of assurance with their client;
  • How to establish a materiality threshold;
  • How to develop a validation plan including, if necessary, a sampling plan;
  • How to assess GHG information systems and controls;
  • How to assess the GHG documentation for the project;
  • How to evaluate the GHG assertion against the agreed-upon validation criteria;
  • How to issue the validation statement, including any limitations that may be put on the statement.
  • How to keep records and how to address facts discovered after the validation.

The course includes interactive team-based exercises, a detailed case study, (to reinforce key concepts throughout the course), and a final exam. The course can be adapted to address validation within the context of a given GHG program.

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