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Taught by bestselling author and professional writing coach, Dave Fox, this course picks up where his travel journaling course leaves off. Our travel diaries are where we collect our richest travel memories. Now, Dave teaches you how to take those piles of memories and transform them into travel tales you can share with friends and family, post on blogs, or publish professionally in newspapers, magazines, and books.

In this fun and informative travel writing course, you'll learn how to craft compelling stories that hook readers right away and keep them riveted until the end. You'll discover a simple but big mistake many aspiring freelancers make that gets in the way of their publishing success, and learn easy ways to correct it.

Dave walks you through every step of the travel tale writing process -- from note-taking on the road, to writing and polishing your tales, to pitching those stories to editors. He includes sections on how to ethically and legally write about the people you meet, how the travel writing business works, and even how to have richer adventures and more meaningful personal encounters in the places you visit.

In addition to more than three hours of video lessons, this course also includes a series of writing exercises to help you practice what you learn. If you like, you can post your stories in our online forum and share feedback with your fellow students. Dave also enjoys engaging with his students and is happy to answer any questions you have.

"[Dave is] the best writing teacher I have ever had. Talented, funny, approachable, and structured."

-- Leslie in Surrey, England

"Dave Fox is an amazing teacher who will give you online feedback as if you were sitting right next to him."

--Joan in Bakersfield, California

Updated on 22 March, 2018
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