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Day 1

A- Financial statements (definition, purpose, and information)
B- B- Company Cash-flow preparation. (operating & free cash flow)
C- Financial Analysis using Financial ratios
1- Liquidity Ratios
2- Activity Ratios
3- Debt Ratios
4- Profitability Ratios

Day 2

E- Overview of Financial analysis using Capital Asset pricing Module (CAPM)
F- Overview of Financial analysis using DuPont system analysis (Company Performance)
G- Cash Conversion Cycle
H- Financial Ratios using Averages
I- Case Study explaining the day material
5- Market Ratios
D- Case study explaining the day materiall Statement Updated on 07 May, 2019

Eligibility / Requirements

Prior Accounting and Finance experience

About Talents Mine

Talents Mine is HR consultation and Learning Solutions Company. As today’s market competition becomes very aggressive, Talents Mining is the science of sorting of large amounts of human capitals and identifying their potentials. Talents Mine helps the individuals to sharpen their skills to climb their corporate ladders and achieve their career goals. Talents Mine enables the individuals and organizations to view the competition as an opportunity instead of viewing the competition as an obstacle.

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