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Presentation Skills are an essential aspect in the career life. Presentations are a type of verbal communication given by a person, the presenter, who stands in front of an audience to present and discuss a subject, thought, or an idea, using a variety of tools and mediums to achieve a certain objective. The course starts with an introduction about presentation. It explains the difference between presentation and speeches. As knowing the audience is a valued aspect in the equation of presentation, it clarifies the speaker/audience relationship; the nature of your audience has a direct effect on the content of the presentation. Then, coming to the practical part, it trains the students how to prepare the presentation in 5 steps and integrate the 3-E's Model. The course offers an in-depth process of each of the five steps. After fulfilling the 5 steps, the course tells the student how to deliver it with confidence and professionalism. It also identifies and differentiates the different types of presenters. Furthermore, it demonstrates the difference between verbal and non-verbal communication. It recommends efficient and appealing tricks; text, design, colors, etc. Finally, it provides you with instructions of how to handle difficult questions.

Updated on 24 December, 2017
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