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  • General Accounting (Part 1)
  • Social Security
  • Income Tax & VAT
  • Computer - Practical work (EDM program)

In today’s evolving and challenging world, citizen’s hunger for education and follow-up of technological pace grows. Hotheyver, the demanding necessities of life force their people to prioritize fulfilling those needs and neglect their focus on improving their skills and talents for various reasons. Here comes the role of Mira Training Center, this professional institution with a 16-year experience in the educational field to support people with the efficient emphases.

MTC is considered one of the most important centers in Lebanon due to the high success it has achieved in knowing the implemental and practical needs of the Lebanese and Arab job markets and in following the latest scientific developments. This reputation wouldn’t have been realized had it not been for the collective efforts of the administration, and the teaching body who have provided all the factors of success starting from a suitable learning place, modern equipment and educational curriculums that fit all the needs of job markets.

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