Khawarizmi Training Solutions Autodesk AutoCAD 2D/3D Khawarizmi Training Solutions
Price: USD 408
Instructor led live virtual classroom online. Classes may be individual or in group.
  • Duration / Course length: 4 Weeks
  • Timings: Flexible

    Course details

    1- Introduction to AutoCAD 2D
    • Starting AutoCAD and Understanding the Display Command
    • AutoCAD File Operations
    • User interface
    • Screen layout
    2- AutoCAD Overview and Getting Started
    • AutoCAD menu system
    • Template drawing concepts
    • Use of template drawing
    • New and Open a drawing
    • Floating Toolbars
    • Draw Linear Objects -Lines, Polylines, Polygons, Multi- line Objects
    • Draw Curved Objects- Arcs, Circles, Donuts, Ellipses, Splines
    • SAVE and SAVEAS commands
    • Setting drawing UNITS
    • How to undo commands using the U command
    3- Precision Drawing Tools
    • The Drafting Settings Dialogue Box
    • Using ORTHO
    • Setup and use of Object Snaps
    • Setup and use of Polar Tracking
    • Setup and use of Object Tracking
    • Use of the Absolute coordinate entry system
    • Use of the Relative coordinate entry system
    • Use of the Polar coordinate entry system
    • One time only Object Snaps and running Object Snaps
    4- Editing AutoCAD Objects
    • Using the MOVE command
    • Using the COPY command
    • Using the ROTATE command
    • Using the OFFSET command
    • Using the SCALE command to change the size of an object
    • Using the object property painter
    • Using the ERASE command
    • Editing polylines
    • Changing part of an objects shape using the STRETCH command
    • Changing the length of a line or arc using the LENGTHEN command
    • Creating new objects in a mirror image using the MIRROR command
    • Copying an object to multiple occurrences using the ARRAY command
    • Using the TRIM and EXTEND commands to dened boundaries
    • Creating two objects from one object by using the BREAK command
    • Creating CHAMFERS
    • Creating FILLETS
    5- Layer Usage
    • Using layers to organize the drawing
    • Using wildcards to organize the layers
    • Layer Previous
    • Layer States
    • Layer Translator
    6- Displaying and Viewing AutoCAD Objects
    • Using REGEN
    • Real-time PAN and ZOOM
    • Using Zoom extents
    • Using Zoom scale
    • Using Zoom window
    7- Annotating AutoCAD Objects
    • Creating TEXT styles
    • Fonts used by AutoCad
    • Using the TEXT command to add text to your drawing
    • Multiline text creation
    • MTEXT formatting
    • Justify text
    8- Dimensioning
    • Dimensioning concepts
    • Creating and controlling dimension styles
    • Using dimension variables to control dimensions
    • Single dimensions
    • Creating dimensions using Quick Dimension
    • Creating leaders using Quick Leader
    • Editing dimensions
    • Grips editing for dimensions
    • Associative dimensions
    • Using the DIMREASSOCIATE command
    • Using the DIMDISASSOCIATE command
    • Dimension regeneration
    9- Hatch Objects
    • Boundary hatching
    • Hatch pattern editing
    10- Plotting
    • Plotting concepts
    • Establishing scale factors
    • Viewports toolbar
    • Locking viewpoints
    • Plot Settings
    • Plot Style tables
    • Plot preview
    • Page setups
    • Plotting a drawing
    Updated on 22 February, 2022

    About Khawarizmi Training Solutions

    Established in 1985, the Continuing Education Center (CEC) at Al Khawarizmi International College (KIC), now known as Khawarizmi Training Solutions (KTS) is a leading provider of training and professional development programs for individuals and corporate groups in the U.A.E. Continuing Education Center (CEC) at KIC offers a wide range of courses in the fields of IT, Business, and English. It is licensed by the Abu Dhabi Centre for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (ACTVET). Through challenging training courses, KTS Center contributes to the advancement and transformation of the UAE into a more skilled, diverse, and knowledge-based community.  In turn, this raises the standards and the quality of life of our students and improves our community.  Both individuals and industry professionals benefit from the high standards and good reputation of the KTS.

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