This new educational program identifies the characteristics of a self-propelled vehicle and its safety in operation procedures like victimization reenactments of self-propelled vehicle accidents and incidents while boosting the comprehension of learners to work these machines with more care and accuracy. Gravity skills are now offering standardized forklift training courses to ensure stable yet expert training. These forklift safety courses enable a learner to understand the risks of forklifting and various methods to avoid such risks skillfully.

Training explores incident bar techniques by knowing how your self-propelled vehicle operates through inspecting different aspects like fueling or charging, proper lifting, carrying, and inserting the load and driving. Forklifting safety training identifies dangerous driving conditions, procedures to loading trucks and railcars, and guidelines of operating if close to pedestrians and different forklifts.

Topics :

The course presents interactive instruction covering the subsequent topical areas:


  • Importance of forklifts 

Forklift Basics

  • Forklift steering 
  • Difference between cars and forklifts 

The Forklift Load

  • Load stability 
  • Forklift load limit 
  • Examples of unstable loads 
  • Elevated load stability 

Familiarity together with your forklift

  • A confused forklift operator 
  • Fork attachments 
  • Components to be aware of 
  • Specific work hazards 

Forklift scrutiny

  • When forklifts ought to be inspected 
  • Forklift elements to examine 
  • Testing operation of elements 
  • Procedures once defects square measure found 

Refueling and Recharging

  • Preparation for supply or recharging 
  • PPE once handling electrolytes 
  • Refueling and recharging precautions 

Load Handling

  • A forklift mishap 
  • Picking up a load 
  • Picking up AN elevated load 
  • Placing a load 
  • Overhead hazards 

Safe Driving

  • Forklift mishap 
  • Carrying a stable load 
  • Precautions once carrying a load 
  • Loads that block forward read 
  • Conditions that gift driving hazards 
  • Crossing railroad tracks 
  • Driving on slopes or ramps 
  • Loading into trailers or railcars 

Rules of the Road

  • Near miss with pedestrian 
  • Approaching intersections 
  • Approaching blind spots 
  • No riders 
  • Pedestrian precautions 
  • Travelling close to different forklifts 
  • Unattended forklifts 

Value supplementary

  • Refreshments 
  • Lunch 
  • Registration 
  • Examination Entry Fees 
  • Comprehensive Course Notes 
  • Certificate (on sure-fire completion).

Gravity Skills is a newly developed Health, Safety and Environmental training provider. Recently founded in 2014, this institution was organized and established to fulfil the need of excellent quality health and safety training. The main aim is to satisfy the clients with the best service possible and not giving any chance for any complaints.

Dealing with real life risks and environments in multiple fields can be too big a jump, but with Gravity Skills training, where we have professionals tutors, it is just a simple every day task. Gravity skills is based in Doha, Qatar. However due to the demands for many international candidates many inernational broucher are set up to take home this excellent service.

Gravity Skills creates real time protection who are the major priority and stafff in any corporation. Through Gravity Skills, a company would improve the efficienty of its employees as they exntrust us with the task of training them. Our team of porfessional teachers and staff build confidence and motivation in both the hearts and needs of all the students we receive. We are very proud and privileged to provide the students with the best available training they would possibly get.

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