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    In this course, award-winning author, trainer, and facilitator Glenn Hughes shares 15 of his most powerful tools for guiding individuals and teams to success.

    By the end of this course, you'll be able to:

    - Assess a group's current state and diagnose follow-up activities, using the Team Barometer.

    - Create an impactful visual agenda that effectively manages group energy, using the Agenda Diamond.

    - Avoid long digressions by limiting the topics of discussion, using In Play, Out of Play.

    - Run smoother, faster events by identifying and recording off-topic subjects for later review, using the Parking Lot.

    - Avoid unproductive assumptions by identifying blind spots, using Think, Know, Wonder.

    - Increase efficiency by helping individuals and teams focus on core activities, using the Mission Bulls-eye.

    - Energize a team by creating an aligned vision for improving the future, using A Better Tomorrow.

    - Reduce friction by identifying what is really driving actions and behaviors, using Crossroads Values.

    - Reduce confusion and mistakes by clarifying roles and responsibilities, using the R.A.C.I. Grid.

    - Transition from one situation to another, using the Strategy Bridge.

    - Identify the level of commitment you need, using the Commitment Gauge.

    - Accelerate performance by clarifying decision power, using the Authority Continuum.

    - Increase productive behaviors and decrease unproductive behaviors, using Rules of Engagement.

    - Increase loyalty and commitment by identifying a group culture, using Team Anthropology.

    - Increase productive dialogue regarding individual and team growth, using the Development Dozen.

        Updated on 27 December, 2017
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