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Day1: Performance Management
* Definition of performance management
* Objectives of performance management
* Impact of poor performance on an organization
* Key terms and uses
* The annual performance cycle - overview
* Responsibilities in performance management
* Shared management model
* Mistakes in performance management
Day 2: Establishing effective objectives
* Cascading the vision, mission and strategies
* The impact of critical success factors on performance
* The 3 types of performance criteria
* Key result areas - definition and examples
* Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
- Definition and characteristics
- Units of measure
* Difference between goals and objectives
* Turning goals into objectives the 'SMART' way
* Measuring the semi tangible factors and competencies
- Behavioral indicators
- Proficiency level
* Corporate values - their importance
Day 3: The importance of coaching
* What is coaching?
* Coaching responsibilities
* Benefits of good coaching
* The focus and purpose of coaching
* Important coaching skills
* Five steps of coaching for optimal performance
* Role play: facilitating a coaching session
Day 4: Conducting effective performance appraisals
* Planning performance appraisals
* Conducting effective appraisal meetings
- Beginning the meeting
- Discussing the evaluation: an in-depth view
- Closing the meeting
* Roles of managers and employees
* Common appraisal errors
Day 5: Following up after the performance appraisal meeting
* Percentage of time spent on performance management
* Acknowledging good performance
* Ways of recognizing employees
* Techniques for performance diagnosis
* Categories of performance problems and possible causes
* System factors versus individual factors
* Performance improvement planning Updated on 16 May, 2018

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Our trainings and workshops cover all areas of business including Management,Soft Skills and Human Resourses Management, Marketing and Sales, Accounting and Finance, Procurement  and Logistics, targeting organizations, managers and employees. Whether in-house or public, trainings are organized with the highest qualified trainers.
Our methodology relies more on the use of audio-visual impact which is more effective than the lecture style. Presentations, videos and simulations methods have proven to be very effective for people to remember.
Moreover, doing and teaching are the best vehicles for learning and remembering. This includes involving the trainee in the teaching process by interacting, through completing worksheets and inciting to explain and present what is acquired.

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