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Employers are legally required by Fire Safety Regulations (e.g. The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 - UK) to provide information, instruction and training to employees about fire precautions in the workplace. This course provides you with the knowledge and understanding required to act safely in the event of a fire in the workplace.

NB: It is the legal duty of every employee to work together to reduce the risk of fire.

The Course takes approximately 1 to 2 hours - depending on how quickly you can study and absorb the material. You can proceed as quickly or slowly as you like.

The sections are set within simple understandable headings.

The 5 Parts of the course are split into:

Part 1: Fire Science & how a fire behaves.

Part 2: Human behaviour - How people react to a fire.

Part 3: Legislation - Understanding your legal duty & responsibility.

Part 4: Risk Assessments - Whats in a Fire Risk Assessment

Part 5: Developing your Fire Plan - Managing your fire safety duty.

Assessment: Quiz

Methodology of Learning

Theoretical lessons through e-platforms: powerpoint, youtube, web references, video

This style of delivery makes the course both memorable and enjoyable for participants, ensuring long-term learning.

Voluntary Assessment:

Develop your individual risk assessment - Fire Plan

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Updated on 20 March, 2019
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